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Oh, Welcome Home Blog, we can’t quit you. Just in time for Veteran’s Day is this awesome tale of father and son, good versus evil… it’s actually just all good.

A U.S. Navy Soldier surprises his kids on his son’s birthday after three months of being apart while on a 96 hour leave. His son wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party so that he could be Luke and fight Darth Vader. The role of Darth Vader was supposed to go to an older cousin, but the dad snuck in there at just the right time.

He really is the father.

It has been… *sniff*… 0 days… since our *sniff*… last Star Wars reference.

Welcome Home Blog


In case you don’t know, we like the Welcome Home Blog. It celebrates service dads that get another opportunity to hug their families and even surprise loved ones.

This video comes to us via Melissa C. where son Michael is the one who surprises dad by walking for the first time.

“When my husband left on his deployment, our 6-year-old son could not walk on his own. He has cerebral palsy. Doctors originally said that he would never walk or do much of anything. While daddy was away, he learned to walk. For his homecoming, we set it up for Michael to walk to his daddy for the first time ever! We kept the fact that he could walk a secret the whole time his dad was gone!”


What’s better than a military man coming home? A military man coming home for his son’s birthday. What’s better than a military man coming home for his son’s birthday? A military man coming home for his son’s birthday dressed like Captain America.

This is why Cole and Chase’s dad is awesome. This dude IS Captain America. Check the video:

What? Am I crying? Uhhh…no…that’s just Super-Soldier Serum.

BTW, how comic book is it that these kids don’t recognize their own dad with the Captain America cowl on? It’s the magic paradox of superheroes – someone you know your whole life can become a larger-than-life superhero with only half of his face covered.

Welcome Home Blog


This is a wonderful moment between a father, Sgt. Adam Page and his 6-year-old daughter, Bailey. Unfortunately NBC’s Today Show was there to f*ck it up. Now, this is just a hunch, but I suspect NBC – just like every other news network – was trying to get in on the sweet viral *click* action that is Welcome Home Blog. Instead, the camera operator invasively moved around the father and daughter like he was shooting porn. Seriously, check it out and tell me they both didn’t look slightly annoyed.


Welcome Home Blog posted this gem today of Tech. Sgt. Sean Schaffer, who surprised his step-son and then his daughter at two different Veteran’s Day school celebrations – on the same day. Schaffer was home after serving a 6-month tour in Bagram, Afghanistan.

You know something’s heartwarming as all get-out when even the kids in the audience are crying as well.

Welcome Home Blog


A quick Veterans Day post to deliver our props to America’s military fathers, who can be away from their families for more than a year at a time while deployed overseas. I thought I’d put some videos together from around the net, but mostly from a special blog called Welcome Home Blog, where they aggregate videos of military homecomings and surprise visits.

I think it’s easy to be grateful to the troops, who sometimes have to put in on the line while defending American interests, but I think some special recognition needs to be given to the children and families of these veterans. You see, while a soldier takes an oath and willingly goes into harm’s way, their families (spouses, children, parents) don’t take any oath, and they must make sacrifices too.

So let’s celebrate the military family today, at the same time as we celebrate the military family men. Roll the clips!


WHB: Marine Surprises Daughters

A United States Marine comes home after seven months in Afghanistan and surprises his daughters at cheerleading camp. Click the pic or the sauce to see the whole video.

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