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Holiday Gaming

The holidays are a time of family. Awkward family you haven’t seen in foreves. I mean, sure, you follow them on Facebook, but once you’ve covered the catching-up phase, what do you do?

My suggestion: make the holidays a time of family gaming. I think you can, and I think it’s easy. But it’s not a one-size fits all approach. There are plenty of great board games, card games and video games out for folks of all ages – and with a little forethought, you can be the hero that emcees the whole thing.


Hate to go Fishing

I miss the summer. We’re in full-on autumn mode now. Kids are at school, everything’s flavored like pumpkin, stores are starting to sell Christmas lights (???), and the California sun has given us slightly colder mornings and evenings, though daytime temperatures are still in the Mordor-range of 6,000 degrees.

But I digress.

I hadn’t yet written about a fishing trip my family went on in August because I pulled my Achilles really badly on the second day, then came home, got a job, and have just been too busy to even process all of our photos. But I finally got that chance, and I realized the funny thing about our fishing trips: my family hates fishing, but we love to go fishing. Weird, right?


Anthony Herrera Vacation

Anthony Herrera has a special place in our heart. The father of two took his graphic design job and his love for Star Wars and mashed them together in 2011, when we wrote about him tricking his daughter into thinking Ewoks were real.

Herrera recently contacted us to let us know that he’s still up to his old tricks, adding Star Wars stuff to his vacation photos.


pokemon classes for dads

When my wife and I first found out that we were going to have a kid, we instantly became aware of the “parenting class” industry that had existed in our community for years without ever attracting our attention. Suddenly, there were all of these flyers, newspapers ads, and emails, offering us practical parenting instruction in friendly classroom settings.

And, as new parents-to-be, we were game for them. Almost immediately, we signed up for the childbirth class, the baby care and CPR class, the “how to install a car seat” class, the breastfeeding class, you name it.

(The only classes I remember us opting out of were the “baby massage” class and the “parenting for dads” class, which I found more than a little insulting.)


Four Ways To Save Money on a Last-Minute Summer Family Outing

With the United States back on the upswing from the recession, you’re thinking that this year might be the one where you pull together a family trip in the waning moments of summer. I mean, hey, the economy’s in a minor upswing, right? There’s a lot of places you’ve missed going to during the economic hardship, and now that it’s slowly moving on, it’s time for your family to party, right?

Well don’t be stupid, stupid.

Don’t let the slightly-lower gas prices and general sense of impending back-to-schoolism get you all hot in the pants – we’re still tightening our belts and making the best of what we’ve got, just in case international politics go all ape on us again. I mean, dude, you’re the head-of-household. You’ve got to have a plan. And a gun.

This is why I humbly present to you four satisfactory replacements for a last-minute family outing. You want to take care of your kids, but you definitely want to pinch your pennies for the zombie apocalypse.


8BitDad Advisory Panel header

So you’re going to be a father. Congrats! You’re about to enter the most awesome and most terrifying stage of your life! Starting today, your life is going to get complicated; there’s so much to think about, so many things to buy, and so many things you’re going to need to baby-proof.

But enough of that baby talk. You need some gear – that is, non-baby gear – to make fatherhood easier. And while we can tell you about the coolest crib sheets, best baby monitors, or the bottles that won’t give your kid gas, we’d rather have a man-to-man about all the things you haven’t yet considered

Want to know about all the gear us 8BitDads use to transform themselves into superheroes? Then read on.


Infants On the Cheap

infant sale

The next time you’re looking to buy an infant on the cheap, try in Wakeeney, Kansas. You can double-up for under a buck.

Check the sauce down thurr for more of Randy and Bill’s vacation pics.

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Are We There Yet?


Camels Need NOM Too

This one’s from Heavy.com’s “20 Worst Family Vacation Photos”. Click the link below for the rest…