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Brad Lewis Jedi Trainer Dad

You may have recently seen on – yawn – every other website, a video of a little girl having the cutest little lightsaber fight with her dad. It’s cute, it’s ultra cool a father is playing with Star Wars stuff with his daughter, and we love it. But we also noticed something…and when we noticed it, we nerdgasmed.

The dad in the video, Brad Lewis, is a Texas native, who grew up on a ranch and knew when he saw Star Wars that he wanted to be a part of that universe. Years later, he’s had a 15 year career in the video game industry, and currently works at BioWare, as a senior VFX artist. He and his wife Katie have one child – Samantha – the baby Jedi you’ve seen in the viral video.

That viral video and a Q&A are after the jump.


Episode 034: We’re All Out Of Bubblegum

This week’s episode covers the following stories on 8BitDad.com and around the internets for the week leading up to June 26th, 2012: #GMCUpNorth / Philips Norelco New Face Of Dad Campaign / 8BD Advisory Panel: Things You Should Buy Before the Baby Arrives / 11 Inspirational Parenting Quotes: Star Wars – Episode I: The Phantom Menace


Episode 032: Not Safe For Life
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Episode 032: Not Safe For Life

This week’s episode covers the following stories on 8BitDad.com for the week leading up to June 5th, 2012: Good On You: JCPenny Features Same-Sex Fathers in Ad / Book Review: Darth Vader And Son / Deaf 2-Year-Old Boy Hears His Mother’s Voice For The Very First Time / Beta Dad – Ruining Daddy Blogging


Book Review: Darth Vader And Son
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Book Review: Darth Vader And Son


Darth Vader And Son
Parent Rating5
Kid Approval2
Release Date: April 18, 2012
Publisher(s): Chronical Books
Author(s): Jeffrey Brown
Product Link: Buy It Now!

There comes a time in every future Sith Lord’s life when the Queen wants to bang out a couple of kids before she dies. This is true for Anakin Skywalker who *spoiler alert* is bestowed the honor of “Lord Vader” by Darth Sidious. Darth Vader And Son captures the adorable reality of what life would have been like for Darth Vader as a single working father, in Episode III.V… before Episode IV: A New Hope.


Episode 025: You Can’t Always Be A Pro
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Episode 022: Say It With Your Chest
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If you are searching for a unique way to teach younglings the ways of the alphabet, then look no further because we have a nerdtastic treat for you!

I admittedly only recently discovered these illustrations, much later than others in internet years, through a bilingual French site, Geek-Art.net; a wonderful blog managed by Thomas Olivri, where I notably fawned over the mutual adoration of Star Wars. In Thomas’ original post, he provided a link to the source of the alphabet illustrations which lead me to a cantina where I happened to meet up with the two bounty hunters artists.


Kids’ Toys That Should Really Exist

There was a story on io9 last week about all of the toy concepts that George Lucas originally rejected for Star Wars: The Phantom Menace – things like an inflatable Emperor’s throne, a Death Star basketball, or a Jabba the Hutt beanbag chair. (It’s kind of crazy to realize that Lucasfilm actually rejects ANY marketing tie-in or merchandising concept.) And, while I mourn for the Dagobah-themed pencil sharpener that I’ll never get to own, it did get me thinking about all of the toys as a kid that I used to dream about, but that never actually existed.

As a kid, I could never understand why toy companies hadn’t thought to make me the toys I REALLY coveted, toys like (and these will date me) an uber-detailed Ghostbusters proton pack, full-sized M.A.S.K. Matt Trakker mask, a remote-controlled time-travelling Delorean, a Bionic Commando grappling hook arm, or a full action figure set of the cast of The Misfits of Science. (I am a very old man.) In my mind, those all seemed like concepts that could EASILY become the best-selling toys in the world, so I just couldn’t grasp why I never saw any of those toys on the shelf at my local Toys R Us.