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As I swiped my way through news on the Flipboard iPhone app a couple nights ago, I kept seeing headlines for the “best dad ever” covering Depeche Mode songs with his kids. I watched the videos and had to talk to Dicken Schrader, the dad behind them.

Columbian-born Dicken Schrader, who won three golden internets for these videos, was nice enough to talk to us about his now-immortal father-son-daughter Depeche Mode covers. If you haven’t seen them yet because you’ve been camping in the Grand Canyon for the weekend, you can check them out along with our interview, after the hopperooski.


Jay-Z Releases Song for Newborn Daughter

This should be in our “Around the Internets” section, but due to the fact that it’s more than a quick hit, we’re lacing it up along with the normal stuff.

So, if you’re not up on thangs, Beyoncé Knowles gave birth to her and Jay-Z’s baby, Blue Ivy Carter, on Saturday. Jay-Z can’t be happier. He’d been vocal before, but no one expected more than the couple of lines from “New Day” to be related to the youngling.


So it’s 2:10am PST and you just woke up out of a cold sleep and in a panic, said “holy s**t! I wonder what happened a couple of days ago in the world of unimportant not-really-fatherhood news!” And that’s why we’re here. Who loves you, baby?

How about this? Members of NWA might include their sons in an upcoming biopic about the famed rap group. Or, at least, that’s what a nervous Dr. Dre said outside of a Los Angeles restaurant a couple days ago. When asked if Dre and Ice Cube were thinking about including their sons in the movie to represent younger versions of themselves, Dr. Dre responded “We’re talking about it – we’ll see what happens.”

Basically, Dr. Dre was busy signing an autograph for some kid who looks too young to know what NWA is, and Dre was just happy that the cameraman didn’t ask about his long-awaited “Detox” album.

Also, Easy-E’s kid had a similar story back in September.

If you’re interested in a TMZ telling you the same story I just said but in fewer words, check the sauce. Oh, they’ve got video too, so…there’s that.



If you were a fan of HBO’s “The Wire,” then you remember Tray Chaney, who played Poot Carr. Chaney’s on the screen again but for a better cause – fatherhood.

Lamar Tyler of the Huffington Post did a write-up of Chaney’s video (sauced at the end of this article) – which was appropriate, since Tyler directed it. The video stars Chaney with his own father and son – and has a really positive message about fatherhood in the black community. Chaney’s message: he’d rather die than be an absent father.

Check the video after the hop.


Episode 011: To Humility And Beyond

This week’s Podcast Question of the Week is about music:

What song reminds you of your dad?

We just talked yesterday about kid’s music. But what song comes on and makes you think of your dad?

Music is a powerful thing, and our brains are the best soundtrack-gatherers. Most people probably don’t think consciously that a particular song or artist reminds them of their father – but whether it’s a song their dad hummed when they were little, or a particular artist that dad always listened to in the car, people know. What song or artist reminds you of your dad?

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast, Sunday, 12/18.


Episode 010: Bonfire Of The Sanities

Shawn Bean, a dude I mentioned in Episode 003 of our podcast, is a fathers and writer for Parenting.com. He’s also had it with “that happy train song” – and who can blame him? Kid’s music is – ahem – not all that interesting to adults.

(EDIT – my buddy Jeff Bogle, owner of Out With the Kids has informed me that generalizing and saying that kid’s music is “not all that interesting to adults” isn’t cool or true. He’s right. I’m referring to the typical cartoon-character-sung classics that you’ll see on your “favorite” educational shows. I don’t mean the real singer-songwriter stuff that Jeff routinely reviews. Jeff points out that “it’s an antiquated viewpoint. It’s also trite. The genre is ripe with quality.” Sorry Jeff, and sorry internet for being a trite and antiquated liar. It’s kind of my “thing.”)


Bean’s got a list of some good suggestions for music you can offer to your little beasts – stuff that won’t make you want to eat your own face. The best recommendation – strangely enough, the Vitamin String Quartet’s “VSQ Performs Lady Gaga” album, a more classical take on the odd-fashion-minded starlet. You still remember the lyrics, but your kid is spared from them.

Read Bean’s list at Parenting.com, but I’m going to take it a step further after the jump and recommend some other albums for you and the spawn.