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Episode 018: Bad Breathe
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Episode 018: Bad Breathe

This week’s episode covers the following stories on 8bitdad.com for the week leading up to February 21st, 2012: PQotW: Do You Give Your Kids Valentines? / England Gets Two Fatherhood Shows – Are They Fair to Dads? / Babyccinos Are a Trend, But So Is Childhood Obesity / Morning Wood: Fatherhood’s Most Awkward Topic / Doulas: The Force Is With Them


I love being a father. There are so many life-changing things that go along with fatherhood – and so many incredible comforts that come from having that little beast in my life. But you also know that being a father means life changes and discomforts too – fatherhood would be too perfect if it were all about being proud and comfortable all the time.

There are a lot of awkward uncertainties I face in fatherhood: How do I provide for my family? How do I teach my son all of the right lessons in life? How do I protect my son from danger?

And how, I’ve got to ask, am I supposed to snuggle with my kid when I wake up with morning wood?