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Toca Hair Salon 2

We love the apps (they call ’em “digital toys”) from Toca Boca. They’re all so fun – for both our children and us – and don’t contain third party ads, in-app purchases or confusing menus that trip kids up.

Toca Hair Salon 2 came out yesterday and is a blast, even if you already own both previous iterations: Toca Hair Salon and Toca Hair Salon Christmas Gift.


Episode 025: You Can’t Always Be A Pro
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This week’s Podcast Question of the Week is about your phones:

What are your favorite apps for your kids?

No matter the age, you can find apps for iOS and Android to entertain your kid. For babies, there are interactive storybooks. For toddlers, there are flashcard word games. For little gamers, there are all sorts of cutesy applications and games for a buck or two – or better yet, free – that will entertain your kid indefinitely.

Do you like drawing apps like DoodleBuddy? Tie-in stuff like Elmo Calls? How about Angry Birds?

Be sure to tell us how old your kids are so that others with kids in that age group can benefit too!

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast! Be sure to watch on Tuesday, 4/10.


Episode 020: Deal With It
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App Review (and Code Giveaway!): Baby Pic for iPhone


Baby Pic for iPhone
Parent Rating4
Kid Approval5
Developer(s): Punk Opera
Product Link: Buy It Now!

Take a cruise around Instagram and if you didn’t know it already, you’ll soon learn that parents love to take pictures of their babies. You’ll also learn what baby ears look like, because babies have this crazy way of knowing when you’re about to snap a shot and turn their heads. Two Brazilian fathers found a great way for parents to get great photos of their babies’ faces, and you’d be surprised to learn their inspiration for their new iPhone app, Baby Pic.

We’ve also got one code for Baby Pic lyin’ around and will give it to one of you readers (see details after the review)!


Toca Hair Salon Christmas Gift

This isn’t really a review, so much as a nudge to pick up a free gift. If you’ve got a little kid and you still buy into the evil regime of Christmas (kidding, I guess), then boy-howdy do I have an app for you to try. It’s the “Toca Hair Salon Christmas Gift” which is the Japanese game show way to say “Toca Xmas Salon.”

This FREE app, by the good folks at Toca Boca, is like crack cocaine for a toddler-aged kid. Your kid can choose to either cut Santa’s hair or prune a Christmas tree. There’s not much to this app, except that you get to cut, style and color Santa’s hair. Somehow, it also hypnotizes kids.


UPDATE: Apple says that this phenomenon is a glitch and naturally, they aren’t trying to pass a pro-life agenda through a phone. See original article below.

If you’re an iPhone 4S user, you know that the digital assistant Siri can find you just about anything. Mention that you want a burrito and Siri will find any eatery in a 20 mile radius with a burrito on the menu. Ask where to buy a gun and Siri’s got options. Some HuffPo writer even got Siri to answer the questions from Jadakiss’ 2004 song “Why”. Siri will do a lot of things – offer driving directions, give you choices for dinner, make you a father, find local shopping help…wait, what’d I just say?!

Some clever argumentative folk, or some women down on their uterine luck (we don’t know which), tested Siri’s knowledge about local abortion clinics. Siri, in its infinite wisdom, drew a blank. Siri also couldn’t figure out where to find emergency contraception.

So, is the jig up? Blogs across the web now are convinced that Apple created a Pro-Life app, and all sorts of digital ruckus are erupting. Occupy Siri!

I thought I’d put Siri to the task of finding me an abortion clinic (note to wife: not because I need one, because I’m an investigative journalist), and a pot dispensary, just for good measure:

So seems that you shouldn’t try to ask Siri for an abortion, but it’s still effective enough to ask for “Planned Parenthood.” Or, in this case, unplanned-unparenthood. And I also can’t get any weed for my glaucoma.

Our suggestion: If you’re not ready to be a daddy and you’re finding yourself in need of a little next-day-medical-oops-attention, go “old school” and Google what you need.



The Federal Bureau of Investigation isn’t big on making apps. That’s why it’s with great pleasure and plenty of LOLs that they released “Child ID” for the iPhone.

The app stores current pics of your child, as well as vital information like name, age, height and weight. Then, if a child goes missing, parents can shoot off an e-mail to the FBI, letting them know that their child is missing, with all of the relevant info.

That’s right, on the platform that most parents give to their children to play with in the grocery store or in the booth at restaurants, the FBI is encouraging them to use to e-mail them.