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Fear the Beard

Luke Hughett is such a devout lumbersexual hipster that he actually got to a point where he had to decide between his beard and his baby. And thank your lucky mandolins he chose his baby.

But the New York dad (who liked it a lot better when it was New Amsterdam) wasn’t going to let his beard get shaved off, just to die in a trashcan. Oh no. What are you…crazy? Some crazy, city-dwelling future boy? Yeah, you are, aren’t you?!


Stay-At-Home Dad Work Out
Movie(s) Available!

If you’re a stay-at-home dad wanting to bulk up and make other dads jealous of your thyroids this summer, here’s a helpful video featuring stay-at-home fitness instructor, Gavin McInnes.

This video was ‘ploaded in January of 2009 where Gavin uses his two weights, now 5-year-old daughter Sophie Whiterabbit and now 3-year-old son Duncan Whitethunder. He offers some great tips for getting a sweet body by showing how to properly perform toddler lifts, toddler chench presses, toddler push-ups, baby curls, and baby sit-ups.

If you have additional tips, post them here in the comments.

Last Pictures


Dads: The Original Hipsters

“Dads Are the Original Hipsters” is a wonderful jaunt through the past that reminds you, if nothing else, that your dad did everything you did before you. This includes wearing thick-rimmed glasses, attending craft fairs and growing facial hair.

Oh, and BTW, those “effects” on the pictures are actually the way pictures just looked back then. There was no Hipstamatic back then – cameras were actually more hipster back then as a default too.

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Hey Hipsters!

Holy Taco wants you to think about your kids. Sure, your love of irony is soooooo hilarious now, but think about the questions you’ve got to answer from your kids.

From the article: …”now you’ve got the impossible task of trying to explain your love of irony to your kid. It will be frustrating. Just as frustrating as trying to explain your love of irony to your parents. Congratulations, our entire generation now is an inside joke!

Or is that the point? When we ask our fathers why in all of their photos they’ve got a 70’s porn star look, they answer “because it was the 70’s”. When your kid asks you “dad why do you look like a 70’s porn star,” you’ve got to explain how achingly sh*tgrin ironic it was for you to look like a 70’s porn star when it wasn’t Halloween or the 70’s.

I’m sure if your kid stumps you, you can just think it out while you take a long ride on your fixie and drown your brain in The Shins greatest hits.

Chicks have it easy – hipster style for women is characterized most of the time by thick glasses and chunky sweaters, which makes them look a little more bookish with more slight undertones of punk culture. Hipster men, however, usually end up in silly trucker hats and ill-fitting snarky t-shirts. You don’t end up getting respect from your kid like that…even if you explain to him that his name was taken from some proto-modern-american novel.

Sauce: Holy Taco


Even if you’ve gone from Vespa to fixie in your hipster evolution, you can still let your kid dream in fuel-dependent pastel.

European company J.I.P. (Junior In Progress) brings all of the American charm of the filthy, trendy hipster, and smashes it together with the wholesome manufacturing process of Europe – bringing you a wooden rocking scooter that means more to your generation than plopping your kid on a fake horse.

If you are interested in starting your kid on the path to being a street-corner wine and vinyl snob, or if you’re trying to delay your 1-3 year old”s ironic tattoo for a little while longer, grab J.I.P.’s vespa from Amazon (for us Amurricans) or tons of brick-and-mortars in Europe.

In all honesty, I’ll admit, this actually looks pretty cool. Don’t tell anyone I said that though.

Sauce: Inhabitots