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David Niles

Oh, you took a photo of your kid last weekend? I’m real happy for you, and I’ma let you finish, but there are some dads out there shooting photos of their kids and blending them into other-worldly stuff who make us all look like chumps.

Suddenly the blurry pic of your kid on his trike seems meh.


Sorry Son Nerd Hoard

I’m nerdy. And I’m a hoarder. This was bad enough news for my wife, who made the mistake of telling me when we met that she had a box of old Nintendo and Super Nintendo games in her parents’ garage. Most of them corroded beyond repair, I still kept them. She may not know this fact.

But my nerd hoarding is worse news for my son. Now, most nerds love to share their wares with their children; true, no one’s teaching their kids to read with collectible comics, nor are they donning their potty-training toddlers in “rare” shirts they picked up at Comic-Con. But many nerdy dads are more than happy to peel off a page of video game themed stickers they got somewhere, or make their kid the envy of his class by passing along a Super Mario Bros. rubber bracelet to them or a Nintendo hat. Not this guy.


Episode 045: No More Mouse Cursor
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Episode 045: No More Mouse Cursor

This week’s episode covers some of the awesome stories written by other fathers around the internets for the week leading up to February 10th, 2013: Kids Challenging Gender Barriers, One Pair of Batman Undies at a Time / Am I A Helicopter Parent?

The video does have a special ending. Check out the audio only version of this episode above.

Also we missed an s-bomb around 10:45 so, you know, HIDE YO KIDS.


Father Son Tipping

These days, when Tom Burns sneezes, the parent blogger world catches a cold. So it goes for his latest, a piece called “25 Things I Think Every Dad Should Teach His Kids,” which appeared on The Good Men Project and then made the jump up to The Huffington Post.

Burns outlines his life’s tips that sound like a sequel to Baz Luhrmann’s “Everybody’s Free”, including gems such as “Even though, yes, I just admitted that I don’t know everything, pointing that out when we’re arguing is never going to work in your favor.”


No Girls Undies

Back in October, 8BitDad writer Tom Burns set fire to the girl’s underwear industry by declaring that he buys boys underwear for his daughter so that she can wear the characters she’s interested in.

After weeks of research, phone calls and e-mail conversations with underwear manufacturers, Tom has a follow-up on The Good Men Project today.


Ruminations by Belkin, Matlack, 8BitDad

Thursday, Huffington Post’s Lisa Belkin discussed trends in parenting that will show up (again) in 2013.

And naturally, Lisa Belkin did the Lisa Belkin thing and talked a whole lot about moms, and then begrudgingly admitted that dads will indeed still exist in 2013, but only because she predicted it in prior years.

The Good Men Project’s Tom Matlack thought that Belkin’s list looked awfully dad-sparse, and exchanged some tweets with Belkin. Soon enough, the two were e-mailing back and forth on the topic. A love connection was made. Matlack even asked if Belkin would write a list for GMP about dads. Belkin declined. Ooh, burn.


Here We Are Again, Tony Hawk
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Tony Hawk Pro Parent 2

It seems like only yesterday we were applauding and/or chastising Tony Hawk for pretending he was Spawn and black spiderwebing his daughter to a wall. We golf clapped and let it go.

So, Tony Hawk’s earned the internet’s ire again for another set of pictures with his daughter. This time, Hawk (who let’s remember is one of the greatest skaters in the world) is seen in Instagram photos taking his daughter for a ride on his skateboard – up and down a ramp. But neither of the two have on helmets.


Episode 024: Balls To The Face
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Episode 024: Balls To The Face

This week’s episode covers the following stories on 8bitdad.com for the week leading up to April 3rd, 2012: PQotW: Do You Ever Leave Your Toddler Alone In the Car? / Alicia Silverstone Baby-Birds Her Kid, WTF / Father Dressed As Batman Pulled Over On His Way to Children’s Hospital / MTV Fails Teen Dads / What To Expect? Dads Portrayed As Morons