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Oren Miller

I was in Hawaii, vacationing with my family. Well, I was actually upstairs in my hotel room working while my family was downstairs on the beach. And clicking around the Facebook group I share with nearly 800 dad bloggers, I saw Oren’s June 3rd post titled “Cancer“.

In it, you can imagine what A Blogger and a Father author Oren Miller described; his fear, his clarity. His future – what he suspects, and what has been suspected of him. But he also described a scene that was too familiar: in 2010, his family was vacationing at a beach, and while everyone had fun, he was preoccupied with work. I read that between browser tabs…of work. From time to time, my wife would text me from down at the beach, asking if I was “anywhere close to done.”


Facebook Contract

How much would it cost for you to walk away from Facebook for five months? One father is paying his daughter $200 to do just that.

Massachusetts dad, Paul Baier, even drew up a contract with his 14 year old daughter. The contract was actually her idea – because she said she needed money, and found that Facebook was distracting her.

Us too, honey. Us too.


Serge Bielanko, friend of the show, got some internet heat recently over this photo he posted back in July. It was one of many in a gallery for an article called Old Work Boots & Camouflage Cargos: How NOT To Let Your Man Fall Out Of Fashion. Not long after his article was published, the photo was featured on Babble’s Facebook page where MOMS ATTACKED.

Serge is a caring writer and loving father. The initial comments were prejudice, hateful and dug into his soul. “What the heck were these people so upset about? Did they not read my article? I’m HER DAD!”, he wrote in a followup piece. Is it fair to judge a person because of a single picture? Absolutely not. But it is a photo… on the internet.


First Ever #8BitCaptionContest!

We asked our 8BitFans over on the Facebook to caption this image of Sesame Street’s Susan and Gordon Robinson. Huge shout out to Dustin Neel for winning the first ever #8BitCaptionContest!

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“Are You Farting, Mom?”

My friend Jamie posted this last night. That mom must have eaten Disney food.


Remember the Great Huggies Dad-Diss of 2012? You know, the one where Huggies hired a team of awesome commercial-maker-types and created a series of commercials that reduced fathers to rubble? One portrayed a bunch of normal-looking, loving fathers with their babies, all lined up in a room, with the following smug female voiceover:

“To prove Huggies diapers can handle anything, we put them to the ultimate test: dads…alone with their babies…at naptime…after a very full feeding.” Blah blah blah, then “grab a dad and see for yourself…” blah blah blah.


Some serious sh*t went flying onto Huggies’ wall yesterday. The fallout was in response to their latest “Dad Test” campaign, which was a series of 30 second commercials which transformed randomly photogenic dads into lab rats – or was I watching a preview for an Inception sequel?

Oh well, who needs to pay for focus groups when you have a free corporate Facebook page? When all else fails, use minigun.


Boy, howdy! Did that video of a father shooting up his daughter’s laptop for mouthing off on Facebook get around the internet quickly or what? It almost happened so quick we didn’t see the point in covering it outside of the 24-hour meme-cycle of the internet. But we did want to go ahead and put it up on 8BitDad.com for those of you who have either been doing something productive with the last day or so, or those of you who deeply rely on our expert fatherly opinions (trust us, we’re a doctor…well, one of us is).

First a little background. The video you are about to see is of the father of a teenage girl named “Hannah.” Recently, Hannah put her parents on blast, using Facebook to vent three paragraphs of her teenage frustrations about chores. She was able to conceal the post from her parents using Facebook security settings, but Hannah’s father discovered the post during some expensive “software upgrades” that he performed on her laptop. With a lot of agitation, Hannah’s father reads the post aloud on video, and then shoots up Hannah’s laptop with his .45 pistol. He promises to post the video on Hannah’s Facebook immediately before grounding her for the rest of her childhood.