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Breaking news from the 8BitDad news wire: the UK dad group “New Fathers 4 Justice” are arranging a rally in front of British Secretary of State for Justice Kenneth Clarke’s house. The rally is set for Saturday, January 28 – which is in 24 hours or less, depending on which side of the pond you’re on.

New Fathers 4 Justice are known for rallying in favor of father’s rights – and usually, their protests consist of wearing superhero costumes and climbing to the roof of someone’s office. This time around, costumes are encouraged, and protestors are to bring purple flags, whistles, drums and whatever “loudhailers” are. Us yanks assume it’s a cross between a bullhorn and an inhaler. More deets after the hop.


A 28 year old English bloke by the name of Christopher Blackburn is in a bit of trouble after admitting to committing benefits fraud – oh, and also, he kept his dead father in a downstairs bedroom for five months. You know, so people wouldn’t figure out he was dead and stop writing benefits checks.

The father, 54 year old former truck driver, Guy Blackburn, died in November 2010. His son Christopher had claimed £,1869 in benefits between then and March 2011, when authorities were tipped off by neighbors and found the body.

Christopher admitted to committing the fraud and preventing a lawful burial on the 16th and will be sentenced at Preston Crown Court on March 12.

Daily Mail


If you’re looking for a story that you can really sink your teeth into…jk!

So, a couple of douche-nozzle fathers got into it across the pond this week. If you’re the details type, a Nativity Scene was about to go live at Harton Primary School, in South Shields, South Tyneside. While the kids got ready in the back room, a scuffle started in the auditorium. One father charged in the room and jumped on another.

Witnesses then say that the attacker bit off the finger of the other and took off. He was later arrested and bailed out of jail. The victim was brought to the hospital and had his finger reattached.

The men are reported to have had a history of ill-will toward each other.



Sooo hey happy Cyber Monday! While we were all shopping and eating and then eating some peppered shoppers here in the states, some diseased bird across the pond decided to unload some rather racist remarks to a crowd of ethnic minorities in a confined area while using – what appears to be – her 3-year-old son as a human shield. Clearly this blinkered skin chimney was trying to get a rise out of the lot, which almost prompted a ol’fashioned barney, it did.

Video after the hop.


When last we checked in with Jamie Cumming, he was having his 15th child. This 34 year old English gent is now awaiting baby number 16, from the 14th partner, due this week.

Who keeps having sex with this guy?! According to Cumming’s own mother, it’s gals that are not much older than Cumming’s own 16 year old eldest child. Mom says her son’s a “sexual predator.”

Daily Mail writer Sonia Poulton talks more about Cumming’s “family” and who’s paying for all these kids, linked in the sauce.

Also, baby number 16 is due this upcoming January. srsly.

Daily Mail


A dude in Darwen, England by the name of Ted Mountain is going to spend two nights inside of a “wheelie bin” for charity. For you yanks out there, a wheelie bin’s a trash can.

Mountain is pulling an Oscar the Grouch for the charity Children in Need on November 18. He’ll be allowed a 5-minute toilet break every hour, which sounds like cheating. Bro, you’re already in a trash can – just let it flow!

Joanne Mountain, Ted’s wife, will be wheeling him around to local pubs for donations. He’ll also be at the Millstone in the center of town.

Mountain’s got three kids of his own – 22 year old Ben, 20 year old Coby, and 15 year old Dillon.

This is Lancashire


Last June, douchebag 23 year old Ryan Ward tore through the streets of Manchester, England with his 3 year old son sitting on the gas tank of his crotch-rocket. Video of the incident, however, just hit the internet today. So here we are.

Ward got up to 40mph as his son held onto the handlebars – neither wearing a helmet. Coincidentally, a police helicopter was in the area and focused in on Ward’s bike. The camera caught Ward zipping through streets and doing – get this – wheelies, while his son held on.

Ward ended up in the slammer for reckless driving, child endangerment, driving without a license, and of course, an unrelated firearms charge. Because when you’re Ryan Ward, you go big or go home.

Ward currently has bail set, got a slap-on-the-wrist-curfew and had to surrender his passport since obviously with his motorcycle skills, he’s a flight risk. His sentencing happens November 22.

Check the sauce or click the image above for the video over at the Telegraph.



Roger Crawford, a 63 year old father climbed to the roof of British Deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg’s office yesterday with a banner declaring that “the Family Justice System is NOT ‘in the child’s best interests'”.

Clegg, I’ve been informed by Wikipedia, is the “Deputy Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Lord President of the Council and Minister for Constitutional and Political Reform in the coalition government of Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron.” I don’t know much about the UK, but that sounds like important stuff.

Crawford, along with three other members of UK fatherhood group New Fathers 4 Justice – James Moffat, Paddy McQue and Garry Roe – climbed to Clegg’s rooftop and were there for three hours. The protesters said they wouldn’t come down until Clegg would meet with them. Clegg’s office staff wouldn’t promise a meeting, but said they’d relay the protesters’ questions to him. “I’m not holding my breath that he will respond,” said Crawford, “but we got a lot of support from people because he’s very unpopular up there.”

Clegg had previously made comments that there’s a fatherhood crisis in England and wants fathers back into their childrens’ lives.

Crawford hasn’t seen his daughter for 17 years. He had a tough time fighting for visitation rights, which led him to New Fathers 4 Justice.

Members of New Fathers 4 Justice are known for bringing attention to the family court system in grand fashion. In March of this year, a couple of them scaled Redruth Monument in superhero costumes with a sign that said “children need both parents.” And in July, Crawford and others climbed to the roof of Prime Minister David Cameron’s office.

Check out the sauce for the original story we saw, or read about it on the New Fathers 4 Justice blog.

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