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Meet Spider-Dad


There’s been a lot of superhero dad action as of late.

There’s this solider who came home to surprise his son dressed as Spider-Man, the always fun-loving BatDad, Lambo BatDad pulled over on the way to a children’s hospital, YABD (yet another BatDad) with BatKid who saved San Francisco that one time, this TrollDad who stood outside on his doorstep every morning for a year waving to his son’s bus, and the ever so popular I know a good dad when I see one dad.

Now, those are just a few of the dads out there that are sharing some superhero awesomeness with their kids. So what could possibly tingle our Spidey-Sense again?


Episode 027: Love Sack
Movie(s) Available!

Categorized under OMFG… a mom with her kids in line, on a laptop, at the Toy Story Mania Ride at Disney California Adventure.

According to my source who captured the photo, “She was glued to that thing the whole time too… except for when she got mad at her kid for bumping the laptop lid. The husband was just like ‘whatever'”.

In a related story, I heard they have cell phones with internet now.


“Are You Farting, Mom?”

My friend Jamie posted this last night. That mom must have eaten Disney food.