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Morse Family - why?

A Delaware couple faces charges of conspiracy, endangering the welfare of a child and reckless endangerment after allegedly “waterboarding” their daughter as punishment.

On July 21, a neighbor of Dr. Melvin and Pauline Morse called 911 when the Morse’s 11 year old daughter ran to his house and said that Melvin had dragged her by her ankle across their gravel driveway before spanking her. After an arrest on charges of one count third-degree assault and two counts endangering the welfare of a child, Dr. Morse – a pediatrician – posted bond.

This gets worse, so if you’re not up for it – stop reading.


So you probably saw this video making the Facebook rounds the past few weeks and thought, “Wow, what a powerful message!” or “This is worth sharing!”.

I admit that I watched this video last night and as a father, I kinda felt for this kid’s story. I had my own experiences in middle school with bullies and others that I didn’t quite get along with – that was with minimal adversity. Thinking about my own daughter, I know it’s bound to happen in her lifetime too. As much as I want to protect her from the evil in the world, she has to learn about the dark side at a comfortable click to appreciate and cherish the good.

As a multimedia guru, I was impressed by the the kid’s video concept. The song fit well with the hand-written cards, appealing to the realness of the message. Never suspected it was lifted from another similar video.

As an internet user, I had my doubts to its authenticity. I hate to generalize, but most little dudes around the age of twelve are not that awesome.

Should you feel foolish that you wasted your time sharing and replying to this so-called “fake” original video? No. I’ll explain why.


Because we weren’t content to have one swordfighting-father story in October, here’s one out of Washington that’s even weirder than the last: Fremon Seay, a renaissance fanatic, was a little more than unhappy with his 16 year old daughter after she attended a party and ended up at a police station. So after picking her up from the police, he went medieval.

Seay brought the daughter home, then had his (other) step-daughter go retrieve some willow switches from the backyard. He sat on the 16 year old and whipped her until she was black and blue. But that wasn’t all. He then handed her some medieval armor and a wooden sword and forced her to sword-fight in the backyard for two hours.

Two hours, bro. Even participants in the Battle of Hastings took breaks after an hour and a half.

Afterward, Seay and his wife (who was all-for the sword-fight) made the daughter strip down to her underwear and watch a preacher’s sermon on television.

Seay is part of the Society for Creative Anachronism, which was pointed out by people in the comments of the original story. They also pointed out that this guy’s not a LARPer, as the Seattle Weekly story indicated he way. GOT IT?

In all honesty, this story of course sounds of high-volume hi-larity, but it’s not. Hitting an armored kid with a wooden sword is still hitting a kid, and physical abuse is not cool. Both husband and wife were released on bail last Monday, and more charges may be on the way. Hopefully so.

It’s not clear from the stories I read as to if any children were in protective custody. But seems like a good idea.

Seattle Weekly


A Florida man who says he’s Elvis Presley’s son is in trouble for elderly abuse, after burning his father in the back of the next with a cigarette.

Jack Chapman (no relation to recently-mentioned CC Chapman), the 82 year old (real) father of Tracy “Son of Elvis” Chapman was hassling his son to stop insulting his brother, who lives in Kansas.

Somehow, word got back to Kansas that Tracy’s the violent type, and the brother, Stephen, called the police to check on Jack.

When cops showed up, they were able to see the cigarette burn on Jack’s neck.

Police are holding Elvis’ son without bail.

Daytona Beach News Journal


It’s always sad when a dirtbag POS abuses a child. But it’s even more sad when it’s a man that people celebrated as a hero. William Fox, a 66 year old, retired Staten Island cop – one that became the legal guardian of a 17 year old kid he talked out of suicide – cut a plea deal in court that might put him in the slammer for the rest of his life.

Fox entered a “no contest” plea in a Pennsylvania court to nine charges including including incest, corruption of minors, involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, indecent assault relating to three victims who lived with him, and obstructing the administration of justice. Like, seriously, this guy’s a butthole of the highest order.


Most of the time, we B.S. here on 8BitDad, and talk about daily news for fathers, or let you know about some father that’s done something good or bad. Well, this one’s important.

And before we even cover this, I’ll tell you right now – the rest of this man’s blog is incredibly NSFW. As in, click the sauce below, but do not go roaming around his site.

So – “this man” as I’m calling him, since I can’t find his name anywhere, tells a story on his website called “Damage” – and if you haven’t yet been tipped off by the title, the theme is abuse.


Barack Obama’s Father: Not Amazing

NPR, purveyor of all dry news, put a story up today about Sally H. Jacobs new book: a biography of Barack Obama Sr., entitled “The Other Barack: The Bold and Reckless Life of President Obama’s Father”.

And if there was one takeaway, (besides the fact that at 31 years of age, I still can’t get through an NPR article without wanting to sleep) it’d be that Barack Senior was a little bit of a dick.

Maybe it was the wife-and-child beatings. Maybe it was the fact that he ran through multiple wives, getting fired for drinking on the job. But this Obama guy sure sounded like an ass.

Congrats to his son for becoming so successful, despite his father.

Sauce: NPR


Long story short, Amber pushed Joshua out of their apartment window – which was 25 stories up (17 stories up from a parking garage). Joshua died from the fall.

The kicker was that Amber was 7 months pregnant – and now this kid is never going to get to know his father. And hopefully, if there’s any justice in the world, his mother too – because Child Protective Services should be plucking the baby directly out of Amber’s uterus on her birthing day and putting the baby in foster care. Knowing our peach of a legal system, however, the baby will remain with Amber and she’ll eventually kill another guy, and everyone will just have a good laugh about it when she gets a VH1 reality show called “Dying for Amber.”

All jokes aside, this chick’s a monster and it truly is sad that Joshua never got to meet his child.

Now here’s the part of the post where we cast doubt on the story just to make you think. Joshua was in the Air Force, and Amber is about a foot shorter than Joshua (yeah, I eyeballed it from pictures). How does a 7-month pregnant chick push an Air Force dude out a window? Either he was incredibly drunk, drugged, or she got a running start while he was in front of the window, with his back to the room. This wasn’t the first incident of domestic violence in the family – Amber had thrown a lamp at Joshua’s head in the past – and Joshua had pressed charges, which he later dropped. This chick’s winged a lamp at the guy’s head and pushed him out a window.


Sauce: ABC News