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Raising Your Daughter for Ranger School

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Old School NES Games That Prepared Me for Fatherhood

Fathers pull their inspiration from weird places. Some of them pull it out of their own father’s teachings. Some of them pull it out of necessity and learn on the fly. But what indisputably prepares you for fatherhood the most is video games. Old NES games, specifically. Look, that console had two... 
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10 Discontinued Junk Foods That My Son Will Never Get the Chance to Eat

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25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads

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If you were looking for a better counterpoint than my personal bumbling through Dr. Keith Ablow’s “Abortion Veto” argument, check out Hrafnkell Haraldsson’s over at Politicus USA.

Admittedly, we’ve now linked you to two of the extremes – Ablow’s a Fox News guy representing the right wing, and Haraldsson is from a site that bills itself as “Real Liberal Politics.” So – somewhere in the middle, us fathers are thinking about the issue and wrestling with the implications.

Haraldsson acts as a great counterpoint to Ablow; Haraldsson argues that giving men a “veto” power in abortions doesn’t take rape or incest into account, and puts women into a “sexual slavery.” Now, what Haraldsson does, however, is play too far on the “other side.” Just as you get the feeling from Ablow’s article that it’s too easy for him to give the power to the man, you get the feeling that it’s too easy for Haraldsson to take it away. As I mentioned in my original summary of Ablow’s – it’s a tough issue…I think tougher than both men thought about. On one hand, you’ve got what happens now – a complex situation where the man is possibly not taken into account. But then on the other hand if there was a veto power, there’d be a whole ‘nother problem that could – yes – hit the level of “sexual slavery” as Haraldsson puts it.

What I would suggest is that we don’t live in either world – Ablow’s or Haraldsson’s. There’s got to be some median where men aren’t necessarily given a veto power – but some sort of power to raise concerns. I know, I know, by doing this it gets the state involved and getting the state involved means time and time means the baby ends up born before the paperwork is filed. I don’t know – I just don’t know the answer.

Wait – I got it! No more natural birth! All conception, fertilization and gestation done in a lab by a giant corporation! Sigh. It’s been hard dudes, but I figured it out.

Sauce: Politicus USA


If you’ve got anything by Prime-Line in your house that says “Child Safe,” you’re going to want to panic. Hard.

The first group of effected products are Child Safe Bathtub Nonslip Pads (model S 4630). These textured white vinyl whale-shaped pads can come loose – and if they come loose, your kid falls in the shower and dies.

The second group are drawer/cabinet latches (models S 4439 & S 4444) and outlet covers (S 4447 & S 4461). The screws on the latches and outlets can loosen and/or break. And if that happens, there’s a 110% chance that your kid will have his tongue in the outlets and will find your porn stash in the den closet.

If you’ve got any of these products, give Prime-Line a shout at (855) 839-9555 or visit them in digital fashion:

Check out the CPSC website for more “real” info about these recalls. Or just panic.

Sauces: CPSC (pads) / CPSC (latches)


Warning, I’m making a big relevancy stretch here, just for the sake of mentioning Star Wars.

Lisa Mason, a writer for SW:TOR Strategies, found a forum member’s odd but relevant post about how Star Wars spans and unites generations. The user is a little shaky on spelling (and English maybe?) but you’ll get the idea. And since I’m a nice guy, I’ll give you the TL;DR right now…

Basically, a dude and his wife were at a garage sale, and this particular sale was being put on by a grandfather and grandson. The grandson had a laptop and somehow was on the “Star Wars: The Old Republic” website. You know, because if you ever want to finish the internet, you’ve got to do that site as well. Grandson asks grandfather what Star Wars is (which makes it weird that he was on the site, but whatever), and the grandfather explains a little and mentions that he (the grandfather) and his son (the grandson’s dad) went to see the “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” when it first came out in theaters. The kid showed his grandfather his laptop and said that “The Old Republic” was like “World of Warcraft” but with Star Wars characters – and the grandfather thought it’d be great to play as a Jedi. Blah blah blah, everyone hugs and life goes on.

Okay, so I might have just given you a TL;DR as long as the original. Whatever.

Sauce: SW:TOR Strategies


A 72 year old father in West Virginia gave thieves more than they bargained for last week, when he decided he was going to use the fullest extent of his firepower to protect his family.

We missed this story last week, but you never thought we were timely anyway.

Last Friday, three men knocked on Menuard Frazier’s door and asked to use his phone. Frazier led the three men into the kitchen, but then the men beat Frazier, tied his legs up, put a sheet over his head and robbed his house.

FYI, this is not something you want to do to Menuard Frazier.

The three robbers then went next door to Frazier’s son’s house. Frazier’s son was not home at the time – so the robbers took their sweet time picking through the son’s belongings. Meanwhile, back in the kitchen, Frazier crawled himself over to a knife and cut himself free. He then grabbed a 9-millimeter pistol and a shotgun and headed out. By the time he got to his porch, the three robbers were walking back across Frazier’s lawn. They saw that Frazier had freed himself, began shooting at him, and that’s when Frazier went into God Mode. He began shooting at them with the 9-millimeter, but when he saw the men running for their truck, he switched to the shotgun – an auto-loading Remington 1100 tactical shotgun – and shot at their truck. According to Frazier, he hit the robbers’ Chevy S-10 truck at least once, in the back window.

Best part: “I did my best to kill everyone of them,” said Frazier later to the police.

The perps haven’t been caught yet.

Sauce: Business Insider


The Baylor Teen Health Clinic in Houston, Texas received a $100,000 grant – and instead of blowing it on PlayStation 3 games and pizza like most teenagers would – they worked-up an initiative by the name of the Urban Fathers Asset Building.

This building, which reportedly has no PlayStation 3s or pizza, is a partnership between the clinic, the State Office of the Attorney General and the nonprofit Covenant Community Capital Corp.

The clinic already has a “Project Bootstraps” program, which sounds like it’s aimed at men who wear boots – and, well, this is Texas we’re talkin’ bout here. Expanding on that program will be the a “Fathers and Finances” workshop which will help young men learn about the financial responsibility of fatherhood. In addition, they’ll learn about all of the financial options that Covenant Community Capital Corp can offer them…go figure.

Sauce: Baylor College of Medicine


A greater acceptance of shared custody, and higher saturation of unmarried couples has helped family courts award single fathers custody more often, says Bloomberg News.

A few decades ago, you didn’t see single fathers caring for kids as often as you do now. Courts are seeing this too – and treating it less like one of the exceptions and more like one of the rules. There’s been an increase in single father households among households with children since 2000 – now at 8% up from 6.3%. If you’re keeping score, Bloomberg reports that in 1950, single father households only accounted for 1.1% of households with children.

The interesting phenomena, which we mention from time to time (and no, I won’t link to the past, you’ll just have to trust me) is that as women increased their presence in the workplace, men increased their presence at home. And as gender equity increases in the workplace, more men find themselves doing more at-home caregiving. And, of course, as husbands try to stay home with the kids in their marriages, they also fight for custody when the marriages don’t work out.

Bloomberg goes on. But this is where 8BitDad leaves you.

Sauce: Bloomberg


Back in May, we let you know that Neo-Nazi and bad neighbor Jeff Hall was shot by his son. Then, we told you that the son planned on pleading insanity in the case against him. Now, we’re letting you know that the 10 year old’s case may be put on-hold until September for more psychiatric evaluations. The defense is still planning on having the boy plead “not guilty” by means of insanity.

For the record, it’s not really insane to shoot an abusive Neo-Nazi father. It’s called doing society a favor. If Jeff Hall’s kid is guilty of anything, it’s being too good of a decision-maker at too young an age.

That’s a free opinion for you. I don’t really support violence, especially murder, but sometimes if – oops, a gun accidentally went off and killed a baddie – I think we might want to just forget that there’s all sorts of legal technicalities in the matter. This is just sad that so many kids were effected by Hall and will continue to be, even after he’s gone.

Sauce: The Press Enterprise


What’s it like to be a young, poor father in a developing country? Most of us don’t know – and unfortunately, the resources for those young fathers going through it haven’t been in place to help those experiencing it firsthand.

A new publication, “Teenage Tata: Voices of Young Fathers in South Africa,” covers the topic. The word “tata” has got to be some sort of Afrikaans slang, because I can’t figure out what it means. You know, aside from what it could mean in English slang.

HRSC Press created the publication to create a dialogue about what it means to be a parent in an impoverished nation, especially a father. Part research study and part narrative, the subjects of the research are quoted about their emotions and recommendations on how to parent, given their circumstances.

Luthando was one of the subjects of “Teenage Tata.” He talks about being scared and how he dealt with trips to the clinic. “I decided to pretend like [I was] her brother, becasue I’m looking younger than her,” says Luthando, about when he and his girlfriend found out she was pregnant. “[When we got home] I told nobody – until the – baby was showing. I was just afraid…of the parents of course, her parents. And I was just worried, when it comes to my family – because my mother was struggling.”

With any hopes, publications like “Teenage Tata” will help not only other fathers in impoverished nations, but also those in wealthier nations see what fathers around the world value.

(It looks like the publish date is from 2009, but PressPortal swears this is a new story…so…)

Sauce: PressPortal