25 Reasons

25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads

Making fun of dads because they are “pretty much just giant children” is soooooooo 2011. Maybe y’all ain’t heard, but dads are getting all sorts of respect lately – not because they’re doing anything different, but because - ugh - who didn’t want to loosen... 
Comic-con Kid

9 Tips for Taking Your Kid to Their First Comic-Con

I am a comic book geek and so is my seven-year-old daughter. Before we start pointing fingers, let me just say that I blame myself for her condition. When you raise a child in a house filled with comic books, where the living room bookcase has Two-Face book-ends and your art supplies are kept in Hellboy... 
2013 Commercials

Observations on Dad-Bias in 140 Commercials from 2013

I’ve been calling out dad-bias in commercials for years now, and really wanted to put the nail in the coffin. So I watched, noted and rated 140 commercials in 2013 that featured fathers as main characters. And if I was looking for a fight…man, I couldn’t have done it at a worse time.... 

Meet Spider-Dad

There’s been a lot of superhero dad action as of late. There’s this solider who came home to surprise his son dressed as Spider-Man, the always fun-loving BatDad, Lambo BatDad pulled over on the way to a children’s hospital, YABD (yet another BatDad) with BatKid who saved San Francisco... 

The Ugly Truths Behind Caillou, Curious George and Max & Ruby

Oh sure, the cartoons that your child watches seem okay. They seem educational. They teach our little ones about emotions by showing them a funny character in all sorts of mayhem. But did you know that some of your child’s favorite shows are harboring big secrets? It’s true! The networks... 
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Touchscreen Bug
Movie(s) Available!

Dude your touchscreen’s got a bug…wait, no, there’s a bug on your touchscreen!

This father thrills the hell out of his daughter filming a fly on his touchscreen monitor, as it clicks and drags its way around Reddit.

Click le sauce or le image to see le video.



The Legend of Zelda (& Robin Williams)
Movie(s) Available!

A new commercial hit the air this week for The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D starring Robin Williams and his daughter, Zelda.

Yeah, no kidding, bro – his daughter’s actually named after the legendary princess!



Despicable father James Hawkins is despicable.

Seventeen-time convict Hawkins, 30, was already slapped with a restraining order when he came back to 28 year old Charlene Gather’s house. Gather was the mother of Hawkins’ three kids – but since that meant nothing to Hawkins, he stabbed Gather in front of their 12 year old daughter.

But that wasn’t enough. Hawkins then brought in a saw, and made the daughter help dismember her mother, and then brought the daughter with him to get rid of Gather’s body parts.

Since Hawkins was already nominated for Father of the Year at this point, he went one step further and returned the saw to the store he bought it from. This was in 2008.

It took a jury less than two hours last Saturday to reach a verdict and death sentence for Hawkins. But sadly, it’ll take a lifetime for the three kids to come to terms with the things they’ve seen and experienced.

Enjoy Hell, James – we’re glad you’ll finally find a fitting home.

Sauce: True Crime Report


Nerve’s Sex Advice From Gay Dads

So, gentlemen, if you’re gay – we have no problem with that – and if you’re looking to get some hook-up tips (hey, who’s not?!), then sex-and-dating-advice site Nerve has got a post for you.

And if you’re straight, don’t be timid – there’s some advice for you dudes too; it’s not just advice by-and-for gay dads – a lot of the questions are universal.

And let’s be honest, I don’t care who’s answering the question “why is fatherhood sexy,” as long as the answer is positive. And for the ladies that read 8BitDad because they’ve got a father-fetish, the Nerve article does answer the question “what if you see a hot dad at the park with his kid.”

Dude, who doesn’t wonder about that?!

Sauce: Nerve


Manhood megasite Man of the House recently conducted a survey about the evolution of the American Dad, and found that in general, dudes don’t think that Father’s Day gets as much attention as Mother’s Day. Eighty percent, as a matter of fact. The other 205, we think, were chicks wearing fake mustaches.

I’ll leave all the numbers to the PR NewsWire article, but let’s just say that a majority of the fathers in the 350-dad study say that they share child-care responsibilities, while still being the primary maintenance man in their home and on their family’s car.

A majority (59%) also said that they are better fathers than their fathers.

And maybe, just maybe there were only 350 participants because the rest were taking care of the kids and getting dinner on the table. Hey man, it’s possible.

Sauce: PR NewsWire


Review & Giveaway: ‘Go the F**k to Sleep’ by Adam Mansbach


Go the F**k to Sleep
Parent Rating5
Kid Approval2.5
Release Date: June 14, 2011
Publisher(s): Akashic Books
Author(s): Adam Mansbach
Genre(s): Adult-Humor

One of the most exciting books to come out in awhile has got to be Adam Mansbach’s book, “Go the F**k to Sleep,” which came out this week – just in time for Father’s Day. Styled like a children’s story, this tale of a father’s frustration with his daughter’s bedtime routine perfectly crystallizes what every father surely feels as they tuck the blankets, kiss their kid’s cheek one last time, and turn the light out, slinking into the hallway, whispering “no whammy no whammy no whammy.”

As you can tell, this book speaks directly to me.


The Supreme Court denied that decisions of citizenship have a gender bias. The claim was made by Mexican-born Ruben Flores-Villar, who was born in Tijuana to an American father and Mexican mother. If the parents’ nationalities were reversed, and his mother were American, Flores-Villar would be an American citizen.

Ruben Flores-Villar, who was brought to the United States at the age of two, was (much) later arrested and deported for smuggling marijuana and illegal entry. The Supreme Court upheld the decision with a 4-4 vote, but since it was a tie, won’t cause a precedent.

The laws for citizenship are dicey, and based out of 1940. According to CNN:

The man tried to avoid deportation by claiming he was a U.S. citizen. The case turned on a federal five-year residence requirement, after the age of 14, on U.S. male citizen fathers — but not on U.S. citizen mothers — before they may transmit citizenship to a child born out of wedlock abroad to a non-citizen.
The 1940 law states if the child’s mother is a U.S. citizen, the child will automatically be a U.S. citizen at birth, so long as the mother previously had lived in the United States for one year, at any age. But if only the child’s father is a U.S. citizen, the law mandates that the father have resided in the United States for 10 years prior to the child’s birth, at least five of which must be after the father was 14 years old.
Because the man’s father was only 16 when his son was born, he did not meet the five-year time frame before Flores-Villar was born.

So is there a gender bias in the immigration and citizenship policy that favors mothers over fathers? Was the Supreme Court’s denial of the bias enough to convince you that mothers should retain different abilities in citizenship than fathers?

Sauce: CNN


I know nothing about football. Test me; I couldn’t tell you how many points a team gets when they take a field goal kick. I don’t know how many men are on the field at once, and could only name three or four positions. But, what I do know is fathers, and as it turns out, NFL dads are trying to slowly break the perception that they know as much about fatherhood as I know about football.

CBS Sports talked to four NFL players – Houston’s Derrick Ward (one child), Arizona’s Jay Feely (four children), Seattle’s Chester Pitts (two children) and San Diego’s Philip Rivers (expecting his sixth child).

Ward summarized the state of fatherhood in the NFL, saying “There are good fathers and there are bad fathers in the NFL just like in society. But my bottom line has always been if the individual wants to do right by their kid, they’ll do it.” Ward sounds like a good father regardless of his profession – even saying that post-divorce, “keeping a positive relationship with [daughter] Jaida’s mom is important for Jaida, so I do it.”

You don’t often get that kind of cool-headed logic out of normal dudes, let alone NFL players. Turns out, there’s NFL dads out there that want to keep their kids in a “normal” life, and do the things all fathers do – help with homework, shuttle kids to their soccer practices, and of course, play a little game of catch in the backyard.

We mentioned the Chicago Bears’ Devin Hester and his monthly fatherhood column with Chicago Parent back in January – are we witnessing a new era of athlete? Read the CBS Sports article for some other surprising insight, sauced below.

Sauce: CBS Sports