NES Controller

Old School NES Games That Prepared Me for Fatherhood

Fathers pull their inspiration from weird places. Some of them pull it out of their own father’s teachings. Some of them pull it out of necessity and learn on the fly. But what indisputably prepares you for fatherhood the most is video games. Old NES games, specifically. Look, that console had two... 
10 Discontinued Snacks

10 Discontinued Junk Foods That My Son Will Never Get the Chance to Eat

Some things are too good (or too bad) to keep around forever. This is especially true in the world of junk food, where brands constantly crank out products based on market trends and flimsy pop culture references. My son will never eat some of the junk food I had when I was younger. I certainly won’t... 
25 Reasons

25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads

Making fun of dads because they are “pretty much just giant children” is soooooooo 2011. Maybe y’all ain’t heard, but dads are getting all sorts of respect lately – not because they’re doing anything different, but because – ugh - who didn’t want to... 
Comic-con Kid

9 Tips for Taking Your Kid to Their First Comic-Con

I am a comic book geek and so is my seven-year-old daughter. Before we start pointing fingers, let me just say that I blame myself for her condition. When you raise a child in a house filled with comic books, where the living room bookcase has Two-Face book-ends and your art supplies are kept in Hellboy... 
2013 Commercials

Observations on Dad-Bias in 140 Commercials from 2013

I’ve been calling out dad-bias in commercials for years now, and really wanted to put the nail in the coffin. So I watched, noted and rated 140 commercials in 2013 that featured fathers as main characters. And if I was looking for a fight…man, I couldn’t have done it at a worse time.... 
Latest Stories

An Air Force Dad surprises his kids, coming home from deployment in a gift-wrapped box. Homecomings like these do tend to throw kids into tears, or stun them speechless, as you can see in the video.

Kids only tend to rage in celebration when they unwrap a Nintendo 64 on Christmas.




More Animal Fathers

Because we’re trying to reach a new demographic here at 8BitDad, we’re totally cramming posts about animal fathers down your throat lately. Plus, this stops us from posting celebrity news, which arguably benefits everyone.

So, hey, just in case you didn’t notice, National Geographic has a new gallery up of animal fathers. It’s not just good animal dads – in addition to great animal dads like foxes and seahorses, they mention animal dads like grizzly bears, who don’t at all “raise” the cubs, and then somehow go insane later and kill any cubs they find near them just in case it’s not one of theirs. Classy.

They also talk about flamigos, which I didn’t even know were real animals. I thought it was just like the bird equivalent of a unicorn. Evidently they’re great dads.

Sauce: National Geographic


The Rise of the Single Dad

Single dads are in a fast-growing demographic. Call it a sign of the times, or an effect of family courts finally awarding deserving fathers their custody – but whatever the reason, more fathers nowadays find themselves raising kids alone.

The Detroit Free Press covered the phenomenon with a couple stories of Californian fathers. They also mention that community organizers are trying to catch up to this new era, attempting to rework support groups and service centers for both genders. In the past, all public community programs were mom-centric.

The DFP story doesn’t really have an end to it – it just kind of stops, and you’re left wondering if your browser didn’t load something. So, that’s kind of where we’re at.

Sauce: Detroit Free Press


I don’t know much about Europe – but I do know that I sure hear a lot about fatherhood coming out of there.

New Europe, which sounds like an Orwellian state of online news, has a recap of a couple events from the European Father’s Congress, which happened June 28 (EU time, which is god-knows-when in the US) at the European Parliament in Brussels, Belgium. The topic? Paternity leave. Quoth the Parliament website: “By addressing topics like paternity care, the economic effects, and equal opportunities on the job market the possibilities of extended paternity leave will be discussed.”

So how’d it go? From what I read in the article sauced below, the Polish Deputy Labor and Social Policy Minister Radoslaw Mleczko raised concerns about Europe-wide paternity leave rights. At the moment, European countries individually govern their laws and benefits (see here for possibly-accurate parental leave benefits).

A German trade dude named Matthias Lindner said that “people get paid more for responsibility over goods than responsibility over human beings,” which perfectly summarizes why paternity leave is important, no matter the country or gender.

Spanish Parliament member Raul Romeva i Rueda mentioned that helping fathers stay home helps women stay in the workplace. “If we want women to have a presence in the public sphere,” said Rueda, “we have to have the presence of men in the private sphere.”

Sauce: New Europe


Immediately after the June 7 shooting, Marcus White told investigators that he had gone into his father’s room and picked up his father’s gun because he was scared an intruder was breaking into his family’s camper. That’s how, White told the police, his father was accidentally shot and killed.

Sometime later, odds are after a lawyer let White know that the ol’ accidental shooting during a break-in defense doesn’t fly, Marcus changed his story.

White’s now been arrested for lying to the police – now saying that he heard a “good voice” and a “bad voice” as he picked up his father’s .40-calibur Glock. His 50 year old father was sleeping at the time he was shot. Evidently the bad voice won.

This sounds exactly like the thing that a rayon-shirt-with-white-slacks-wearin’ Florida DA would tell him to say.

Sauce: Daytona Beach News-Journal


When I clicked on Andy Frye’s “We All Dress Like Our Fathers” article, I thought it’d be another post about how old style’s hot again and hipsters are wearing ironic vintage t-shirts. Blah blah blah.

Turns out the article’s more about sports, life lessons and Ron Hextall. And really, Frye ends up talking more about how kids fight, and how “sometimes the scuffle is part of life.”

Fighting, sports, beer, soccer, hockey, Kojak, Ron Hextall. But no mention of hipster scum. And really, that’s alright.

Sauce: Chicago Now


If you live in the United States and have watched the news anytime since 2008, you’ve heard about the Casey Anthony trial. Just in case you haven’t…it surrounds the disappearance and death of two year old Caylee Anthony, daughter of Florida mother Casey Anthony (25). Things started looking bad for Casey before Caylee’s remains were found. Casey had googled “chloroform,” and there were pictures of her that surfaced, drinking and celebrating with friends after the date of Caylee’s disappearance. Casey claimed that her daughter was kidnapped by a nanny.

The big news today is that Casey’s father, George, took the stand this morning, crying openly about his granddaughter’s death. Court actually had to be adjourned as he cried, so he could compose himself. George had attempted to commit suicide after he learned of Caylee’s death. “My emotional state, even through today, is very hard to accept that I don’t have a granddaughter anymore,” George said to the jurors. “…but for that particular day, it just felt like the right time to go and be with Caylee.”

The defense attorney has also claimed that George had sexually abused his daughter Casey since the age of 8, which George denies. George did admit to buying a gun after learning of Caylee’s disappearance – and intended on using it to force his daughter’s friends and associates to give up information about his granddaughter’s death.

This has been a strange and tragic case, and chances are there are facts no one will ever know.

Sauces: CBS News / Reuters


Don’t you hate it when your teenage kids ruin your high? That’s what some idiot in Utah is thinking right now, after his 15-year-old son and 13-year-old daughter called the police to report their father’s drug abuse.

Now, marijuana legislation and arguments for-and-against legalizing aside – evidently this father had a problem with substance abuse if his children – of whom he only had partial custody – felt the need to have him arrested. The kids, who said their dad’s house always “smelled funny,” were reportedly sick of the father’s smoking and drinking. So the daughter called the cops, snatched her dad’s weed and took it outside to the police. The father, not noticing the police car outside, texted his daughter and told her to come back inside. It went something like this:

Father’s text: “HEY, U COME BK IN PLS”
Daughter’s text: “NO U GOTTA C THIS, COME OUT”

I don’t know why the police talked in text-speak.

Sauce: Deseret News