NES Controller

Old School NES Games That Prepared Me for Fatherhood

Fathers pull their inspiration from weird places. Some of them pull it out of their own father’s teachings. Some of them pull it out of necessity and learn on the fly. But what indisputably prepares you for fatherhood the most is video games. Old NES games, specifically. Look, that console had two... 
10 Discontinued Snacks

10 Discontinued Junk Foods That My Son Will Never Get the Chance to Eat

Some things are too good (or too bad) to keep around forever. This is especially true in the world of junk food, where brands constantly crank out products based on market trends and flimsy pop culture references. My son will never eat some of the junk food I had when I was younger. I certainly won’t... 
25 Reasons

25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads

Making fun of dads because they are “pretty much just giant children” is soooooooo 2011. Maybe y’all ain’t heard, but dads are getting all sorts of respect lately – not because they’re doing anything different, but because – ugh - who didn’t want to... 
Comic-con Kid

9 Tips for Taking Your Kid to Their First Comic-Con

I am a comic book geek and so is my seven-year-old daughter. Before we start pointing fingers, let me just say that I blame myself for her condition. When you raise a child in a house filled with comic books, where the living room bookcase has Two-Face book-ends and your art supplies are kept in Hellboy... 
2013 Commercials

Observations on Dad-Bias in 140 Commercials from 2013

I’ve been calling out dad-bias in commercials for years now, and really wanted to put the nail in the coffin. So I watched, noted and rated 140 commercials in 2013 that featured fathers as main characters. And if I was looking for a fight…man, I couldn’t have done it at a worse time.... 
Latest Stories

Pink shoes, pink shirt, pink socks? Sure, no problem. Pink…pants? Uhhh, maybe not, especially not pink leather pants. Pink skirt? No.

I’m sorry, but no. And it’s not because I’m some homophobic bigot. We’re so scared these days to apply a “norm” to children that we’ve lost sight of the real issue: kids are not incredible decision-makers. Kids don’t know anything about anything. They’re idealists because they just graduated from crapping their pants, and have literally everything served to them on a silver platter (what, you don’t have a silver platter?!).

But it’s no longer just a war over letting boys wear pink. It’s over letting little preschool boys wear whatever they want. Here’s where parents of daughters sit back and laugh, since it’s socially acceptable for a girl to wear a dress or pants, and in any color. Le sigh, the tribulations of parenting a boy.


Rinaldo Del Gallo 3rd, who very-well could be Rinaldo Del Gallo III, takes on the idea that fathers’ rights are swept under the rug and given no attention. He admits that he can’t cover the topic in a short column, but I think he raises some fair points. Del Gallo focuses his arguments around the story of Thomas Ball, who’s plight was underreported and widely ignored in the media. Hey, we didn’t even hear about it, and we search the web for fatherhood news every day!


As the story goes, Jacob Mitchell and Pamela Stanley are married (or aren’t, if you’re one of those “need proof” types), but definitely have a child. Mitchell and Stanley had an argument about an ex-girlfriend of Mitchell’s, where Stanley alleges that she was pushed to the floor by Mitchell. Then, depending on whose story you’re reading, Stanley was pushed to a bed or floor by Mitchell or his mother, kicked in the vagina (okay, they all say “between the legs” but let’s be honest here), and then Mitchell’s father grabbed her 34-weeks-pregnant baby bump and claimed he was going to sell the baby for $5,000.

Restraining orders and bond were given to Mitchell and his parents. Stanley was admitted to a hospital for a panic attack (but evidently not the injuries she sustained from the alleged attack).

Despite a court order, Stanley’s mother claims Mitchell has called the house numerous times.

So – the issue here is: who’s telling the truth? If Stanley is telling the truth, Mitchell and his parents are dirtbags. If the story is made-up, then Stanley’s a dirtbag. Mitchell claims Stanley made the story up because she’s setting herself up to gain sole custody of the baby. Seems like it’d be an open-and-shut case if Stanley was checked out at the hospital for signs of being hit and kicked. I don’t know much about vaginas, but it seems like they’d probably bruise or swell or something. Or maybe that’s just the “CSI effect” – that if you’re touched at all, I’m assuming someone can find evidence of it.

Sauces: / Sun Sentinel


3 Entrepreneurial Lessons from Dad

8BitDad knows dads, and we know that the last thing you want to think about on Friday is business – so we saved this article for Monday, when you’re getting your head back in the game for the – sigh – long week.

Business Insider writer Nick Hughes hit us Friday with his thoughts on the three entrepreneurial lessons that his father taught him. They are: Devotion, Appreciation, and Patience.

With those things, if you allow me to boil-down seven paragraphs into one line, you commit yourself to your company, see the company from all sides, and don’t risk the company on a quick decision. Hughes can let you know the rest, in his own words.

Sauce: Business Insider


A father, son and dog panning for minerals near Washington’s Sultan River had to take shelter in a tree trunk. Presumably from Saruman.

According to the small handful of places this story was covered, the 31 year old father had set out with his 10 year old son and the dog to have some good old-fashioned mineral panning down at the river, but called his wife around 10pm that night and let her know that his pack burned up in a fire and they were huddled in a tree trunk. The woman called the police, who had been waiting for a call like this so they could load up the chopper.

And load up the chopper, they did.

The chopper spotted them, lowered supplies to keep them warm, along with a radio, probably so they could jam to some oldies before the cops picked them up. Everyone made it back okay and had a good laugh about it once they got home. Except Saruman, who’s still pissed that he couldn’t retrieve that one ring to rule them all.

Sauce: HeraldNet


Epic Dad Is Epic: EPIC WAR!
Movie(s) Available!

YouTube cool-guys Shay Carl and Sam Macaroni produced an epic video of a dad and his kid playing with Army men and G.I. Joe, in exactly the way they should be played – with intense imagination (and a substantial amount of visual effects).

The way you imagined this action when you were ten years old is exactly what you’ll see in EPIC WAR!



Hey, it must be Friday, because 8BitDad is slowing to a crawl while we get ready to shift our attention from our day job to weekend family time!

So here’s a little something for you to skim through and not read – ABC’s list of 8 “Bad Celeb Dads.”

I don’t want to ruin it for you, but Alec Baldwin and Michael Lohan make an appearance, as well as ultra-creep Joe Simpson. And if you don’t care about Beyonce, scroll down.



When Dad Isn’t the Biological Father

I’ve been sitting on this one a couple of days since it’s not time-sensitive, and because eff you, I felt like it, that’s why.

I first read this on Babble’s Strollerderby section, then on Jezebel, but ended up saucing the original article from Good Men Project. It’s a Hugo Schwyzer piece about Schwyzer’s own experience in possibly – or possibly not – fathering a child.