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Your Imaginary Friends

Imaginary Friends

Thanks to David Vienna at The Daddy Complex for tipping us off to this Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal comic by Zach Weiner. Click the image for the full comic.

Have you ever had to do violence to one of your kids’ imaginary friends? Or do you just go and hit your pillow while the imaginary friend roams free doing acts of mischief around your house?




Fathers around the globe know what it’s like to be blinded by the pain of a freshly-crushed tomato. And by that, I mean a squashed testicle. Kids love to run up and hug you, usually at the expense of your man-bits.

This is where the Cock Blocker comes in. It effectively obscures your junk from the impact of a throttling child who’s not conscious that they’re not the only little ones you love in your life.


Dad 2.0 Summit Overview via DadLabs
Movie(s) Available!

Doug French Staring Contest

Our buddies Clay and Brad at DadLabs have created a video to let you know what’s in store for the Dad 2.013 Summit happening this weekend in Houston, Texas.

In it, they talk to Doug French and Dan Pacini, the co-creators of the Dad 2.0 Summit, as well as discussing current and previous sponsors, panels and attendees.


DMK Enjoy the Silence

The most adorable band on the planet is back! Dicken Schrader, who we talked to about his original father-and-children Depeche Mode covers, returns with another D’Mode cover: “Enjoy the Silence.”


Olde Tyme Gamer: Raising a Gamer

Olde Tyme Gamer

Tony DiGerolamo’s Olde Tyme Gamer comic tackles the intricacies of a parenthood plan of action in “Raising a Gamer.” You can click the comic above to see it full-size over at The Webcomic Factory.

Also, our 8BitDad Fact Checking Service® says that dad’s advice is sound: you definitely need to move cover to cover in an FPS. If you’re just running through the middle of a map firing willy-nilly, some 12 year old kid who plays this like it’s his living will indeed snipe you hard.

The Webcomic Factory


SAHD Timelapse

Emio Tomoeni wanted to show his wife what he was up to with his son while she was away at work.

This timelapse will make you want to steal a kid and play for a couple of hours. I mean, or if you got one of your own legally, that’s cool too.


WTF Eagle

UPDATE: Evidently, this video was faked. But it’s a great fake. Original article below…

No, seriously, WTF?

Not that we’re scared or nothin’, because, you know, eagles are like, totally a thing only in movies, but have you ever seen something like this?

Evidently the story goes like this (with flair added): dad’s at a Montreal park with his child, when suddenly, a golden eagle swoops down from out of nowhere and grabs the kid. The eagle’s like “OMG, this is a person, not a field mouse” and drops the child. Then some dude is like “I HAS IT ON A VIDEOTAPE” and everyone’s like “that’s not tape dude, it’s digital.” Then, hearty laughs.


Segwayers Gonna Segway, Winter Edition

Segwayers Gonna Segway

We can’t decide if this looks incredibly fun or incredibly negligent. But we like it.

Originally appearing in 2009 on sites like Break, and now politically-meh on Reddit as “1% Sledding”, we prefer to think of this as the “haters gonna hate” of both fatherhood and Segway owners.