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WTF Eagle

UPDATE: Evidently, this video was faked. But it’s a great fake. Original article below…

No, seriously, WTF?

Not that we’re scared or nothin’, because, you know, eagles are like, totally a thing only in movies, but have you ever seen something like this?

Evidently the story goes like this (with flair added): dad’s at a Montreal park with his child, when suddenly, a golden eagle swoops down from out of nowhere and grabs the kid. The eagle’s like “OMG, this is a person, not a field mouse” and drops the child. Then some dude is like “I HAS IT ON A VIDEOTAPE” and everyone’s like “that’s not tape dude, it’s digital.” Then, hearty laughs.


Segwayers Gonna Segway, Winter Edition

Segwayers Gonna Segway

We can’t decide if this looks incredibly fun or incredibly negligent. But we like it.

Originally appearing in 2009 on sites like Break, and now politically-meh on Reddit as “1% Sledding”, we prefer to think of this as the “haters gonna hate” of both fatherhood and Segway owners.


Dad Level: Tony Hawk

Tony Hawk's Pro Parent

Let’s say you’ve got a video game franchise named after you. Now let’s say you’ve got kids that want to play video games and will fight over them. WAT DO?!

You just be Tony Hawk.


Dads Sing Mariah Carey Christmas Song
Movie(s) Available!

Life of Dad Mariah Carey

Remember the dads that sang “Part of Your World” from the Little Mermaid? Those singing dads are back again with a Christmas ballad sure to warm your heart.

The Life Of Dad crew, along with family and friends, take on Mariah Carey’s “All I Want For Christmas Is You”.


Daughter’s First Time

Daughter's First Time

Oh daughter, you so crazy!

Hopefully, dad got to the end of this note before storming out the door headed to some guy’s house. Here’s the full note:

Daughter's First Time

Oh dad, the color’s coming back to your face now!

Awful Stuff


Suicidal Dad Kicked Back Into Reality
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Chinese Suicide Kick

The translation is a little iffy, but from what we can tell, some knucklehead dad in China who was angry about a family dispute tried to commit suicide with his baby in his arms, and Chinese police did exactly what needed to be done – they kicked his ass back into reality.

In the United States, there would have been a stand-off for six days and the dad would have been talked down by teams of trained psychologists and mediators. In China, they simply boot you back off the ledge and take the baby out of harm’s way.


Bike Trail Commentary

If you’ve never wanted to grab your kid, some mountain bikes, and a GoPro, you will now. Check out the video after the jump – it’s of a father-son ride through a bike trail. The son, five year old Malcolm, has a GoPro strapped to his helmet and provides a running commentary during the ride.


With over 5.4 million viewers since the beginning of the year, this video may not be new to you, but it’s a super cute video of a dad attempting to coax his baby daughter to tell him that he is her favorite (or possibly favourite?).

We’ve all done the same thing as this dad, but only one of us was clever enough to make such a rad video out of it.

Dig it!

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