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Pre-Super Bowl Dadvertising

Inevitably, brands hone in on men come Super Bowl time. Fathers have always found their way into the commercials, but the imagery is evolving. Some brands are banking on the image of emotional, loving fathers in their ads to boost their brands. Are we finally admitting that it’s good to be an emotional, loving, caring father? I hope so.

Three brands in particular are investing heavily in dads leading up to The Big Game: Toyota, Nissan and Dove Men+Care. Their father-centric commercials are wonderful reminders that fathers matter and are worth the hefty pricetag for a Super Bowl spot.


Stock Dad Poison Flower

If you could only know what the dads in stock photos were saying, you would be shocked an appalled.

Well, you’re lucky because 8BitDad was at CES and we got this new photo-translator that will extract the conversations right out of a photo and print them onto it. Look, we don’t understand how it works, but it works.


First Act Slayer

Most dads love playing with their kids’ toys – especially their musical instruments. Whether dad’s making music with his kids, on his kids, or just with their toys, there are a ton of totally adorbz and LOL-worthy videos out there to enjoy.

Most recently, custom guitar maker Frank Pasquale posted a video of he and a friend doing some Slayer on First Act instruments:

And the world of pink instruments will never be the same.


I Can't Even!

The 25th anniversary of The Simpsons was this week! The half-hour sitcom began airing way back on December 17, 1989!

If you were raised on the humor of The Simpsons, as I was, you might have a bevvy of insults and comebacks culled straight from the show. For a hot-90s-minute, I was requesting that people “don’t have a cow, man” or for people to “eat my shorts”. Everything was totally coming up Milhouse whenever I dropped a Simpsons joke.

But that didn’t mean that younger-me understood every episode. The Simpsons really wasn’t a kid’s show, but we all somehow watched it. As a child, I had a limited frame of reference for all of the humor – and while this made the show appeal to both younger and older generations, it also made the show great to re-watch now that I’m an adult. Some of those jokes I missed as a kid really hit the mark now.

That being said, there are definitely episodes that your kids can’t even. Can’t even what? Understand? Handle? Come up Milhouse? Check out our list and suggest your own at the end!


Mario Dad & Son

If there’s a God, Andy Baio is doing his or her work.

Andy, a 37 year old dude from Portland, Oregon, has his priorities right. While the rest of us are content to plop our kids down in front of whatever the most recent video game is, Baio wanted to know what would happen if he ran his son through the history of video games from past to present.

I can’t tell you how badly I wanted to leap through the computer and hug the crap out of Andy when I first read this story.


Bus Dad Kiss

A father in China whose “intimate behavior” with his daughter on a bus has been absolved of all wrongdoing in a statement by the police. The father’s actions were recorded by another person on the Zhuhai City bus and posted online with the title “Is this the girl’s father?”

When you see the behavior in question, you might be shocked and disgusted. But probably just because you can’t believe a dad showing affection to his daughter is being called into question like this.


Guard Your Grill

Fatherhood is dangerous – just ask a testicle.

A study of 2,000 fathers in England found that dads are hurt to the tune of 22 injuries a year. Most of the injuries are related to the kids – whether it’s during play with them or tripping over a toy left behind. Or having their child speedbag their scrotum during a play-fight.

The struggle is real.


A Perfect Moment in Fatherhood
Movie(s) Available!

Perfect Moment Crying

Fatherhood is really something sometimes.

Tonight, my son and I found ourselves crying into each other over a video game theme song. And it was a perfect moment.