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Baby on Treadmill

In news of the weird: A video on the Chinese social share site shows a 17 month old baby hoofing it out on a treadmill. The baby is being ushered along by – we’re guessing – dad. Multiple women can also be heard laughing in the background.

You can see a screenshot above. The video is shot vertically, so I filled the empty sides with pickles.


Super Bowl XLIX Toyota

Leading up to the Big Game, I covered three key brands that came out ahead of the game with dad-focused commercials, and then gave a breakdown of why it’s good money to invest in dad during Super Bowl XLIX. Now that the game’s over, it’s time to take a look back at how dad did.

Spoiler alert: Dad covered the spread at Super Bowl XLIX.

We saw a good showing of dad-focused commercials in Super Bowl XLVIII, so it was no surprise to see more this year. But it seemed like the emotions were cranked up just a bit, and that’s not a bad thing.


Super Bowl Dads

Sure, there’s a “Big Game” on, but a lot of people just watch the Super Bowl for the commercials. And as I recently mentioned, Toyota, Nissan and Dove Men+Care have crafted spots about fathers. But why?

You might think – why fathers? Why now? But brands and agencies are keen to one simple fact: dad is a consumer.


Welcome to the Internet

Did you decide to get a computer for your at-home personal use? Maybe you want to check the stocks at home, get some news headlines, and maybe – but probably not – have a little fun with your family on the internet?

But whoa! Don’t just dive right in and try it yourself. The Internet is a crazy place full of bits and bytes, and you need to know how to call them up, or you’ll be lost. We’ve pulled together some helpful videos for you to watch with your family to get you ready for your own home computer.


Jay Cutler

So Chicago Bears quarterback Jay Cutler is all over the social news today because wife, Kristin Cavallari, lit him up on Instagram for not being able to handle the rigors of parenthood.

Cutler was alone with his two sons (a 2 year old and an 8 month old) for some period of time while Cavallari was out of town, and as she announced her arrival (“the eagle has landed”), she faced a barrage of panic (that you can see above), ending in “I’m about to leave”. And hey, it might have been a joke, who knows.

But all I’m here to say – to you dear readers, and to Jay Cutler – is: I get it.


Pre-Super Bowl Dadvertising

Inevitably, brands hone in on men come Super Bowl time. Fathers have always found their way into the commercials, but the imagery is evolving. Some brands are banking on the image of emotional, loving fathers in their ads to boost their brands. Are we finally admitting that it’s good to be an emotional, loving, caring father? I hope so.

Three brands in particular are investing heavily in dads leading up to The Big Game: Toyota, Nissan and Dove Men+Care. Their father-centric commercials are wonderful reminders that fathers matter and are worth the hefty pricetag for a Super Bowl spot.


Stock Dad Poison Flower

If you could only know what the dads in stock photos were saying, you would be shocked an appalled.

Well, you’re lucky because 8BitDad was at CES and we got this new photo-translator that will extract the conversations right out of a photo and print them onto it. Look, we don’t understand how it works, but it works.


First Act Slayer

Most dads love playing with their kids’ toys – especially their musical instruments. Whether dad’s making music with his kids, on his kids, or just with their toys, there are a ton of totally adorbz and LOL-worthy videos out there to enjoy.

Most recently, custom guitar maker Frank Pasquale posted a video of he and a friend doing some Slayer on First Act instruments:

And the world of pink instruments will never be the same.