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Thought you’d be interested in this bit of info: This Spring, an animated movie will round out the story of Batman and his son, Damian. Oh, did you not know that Batman is a father? Damian never showed up in the theatrical Batman franchise, so we don’t blame you.

Titled Son of Batman, it is a Warner Bros. Animation and DC Universe Animated Original Movie (quote-unquote) starring Jason O’Mara as Batman. O’Mara also voices the Dark Knight in another animated movie out now-ish, Justice League: War.

Son of Batman follows the story of Damian Wayne, inspired by the 2006 story arc from the graphic novel Batman and Son. And if you thought Batman had family issues before…get ready for something different.


Super Lunch Notes

Inevitably, we all find something to share with our kids. Right? I mean, we don’t just put our kids out on the street as babies and say “well kid, go find some interests.” For some dads, they share sports. For others, it’s video games. For others, it’s comics. Art. Movies. Working on cars. Fishing. You get the idea.

For Brent Almond, his love of superheroes and art created a – dare I say – adorbz habit of drawing “super lunch notes” for his son.


2013 Commercials

I’ve been calling out dad-bias in commercials for years now, and really wanted to put the nail in the coffin. So I watched, noted and rated 140 commercials in 2013 that featured fathers as main characters. And if I was looking for a fight…man, I couldn’t have done it at a worse time. There, I said it.

A popular conversation among dad bloggers is the treatment of fathers in the media, specifically, dads in commercials. Dad bloggers often sit around in their secret online societies and discuss exactly how bad dads look in commercials. Most of the time, you’ll hear a resounding “fathers are made to look like idiots!” And being a guy who’s flamed many a brand that poked fun at dads (and also congratulated a couple), I wanted to really commit time and effort into seeing exactly how many commercials I could find that treated dads poorly. I really wanted to hold up my list of commercials to the world and say “SEE?! Look at how commercials treat dads! We should riot!

And then my results actually surprised me.


New Hampshire Stabbing

One New Hampshire family is serious about the stars. So serious that a recent argument led to a father getting stabbed in the chest over which constellations he and his daughter were gazing at in the night sky.

Police got a call around midnight (which is typically still one or two hours before optimal stargazing time) about a stabbing. When arriving to the house, 49 year old Robert Svenson was laying on the floor with a stab wound in the chest.


Mouse Has A Folate

Researchers at Montreal’s McGill University are at it again with their scientific mousecapades. Recently, scientists at McGill gave us the news that fatherless mice turn into a-holes.

Now, researchers are thinking more with their stomachs and reinforcing the notion that dudes planning on having kids should be careful when trying to conceive, as their vitamin B9 “folate” levels have an effect on their sperm. And not the deliciousness factor of the sperm, mind you.

Not that we’re saying it’s delicious. Not that we’re saying that we’re not.


Football Training

So today, the internet’s ablaze from one dad’s video of his son’s “football trainin’” – making the young boy run next to his truck as he curses at him.

Among dads, the sentiment seems to be that this guy’s despicable and makes good dads look better. But looking at comments on Reddit and WorldStarHipHop, commenters range from horror to hilarity. “Come on people,” said one Reddit user. “This isn’t bad parenting, it’s a guy messing around with his kid, having him run for what… a tenth of a mile at the most? If you think that’s bad parenting you must have had a pretty sheltered childhood.”


Mouse Dad

In what will be considered as the opening shots in the war against fatherlessness in mice, Montreal’s McGill University just blew the ink dry on a study that concluded that mice that grow up without dads end up being more aggressive than those growing up in monogamous and biparented homes.

The researchers, including McGill University’s own Gabriella Gobbi, Francis R. Bambico, Baptiste Lacoste, Patrick R. Hattan, used mice from California. Evidently, the “best coast” offers warm temperatures, diverse street cultures laid-back attitudes, and mice that display “monogamous bonding and biparental care”.

Not all of the mice though. Some of them grow up without dads. And those mice, dear readers, turn out dickish.



At first, you might be turned off by the sheer swaggitude of the two young dads in Eitan Loewenstein’s “BroDads” video. But that’s just because you hate the player and not the game, and you know it true, boo.

The two hyperbolic bros with babies talk about why snaps (“awwww snaps!”) are better than buttons, baby CrossFit (“high intensity tummy time”), and mash the club and crib worlds together with an LMFAO-inspired “shots” chant about immunization.

Check it, son:

Loewenstein, whose son is the boy in the video, told 8BitDad that his inspiration came from two places. First, Loewenstein had a new baby, so while his short films typically had different themes, he was “thinking about parenting and how it changes people.” Also, he was inspired by all of the not-likely-ready-for-fatherhood dudes he saw at school. “I thought back to my time at UCSB and all the surfer dudes and ‘bros’ who populated the non-engineering part of the school,” said Loewenstein. “I thought, what if these guys had a baby? What if they didn’t become normal dads?”

Presumably, this. “BroDads” feels like the new generation equivalent of the gone-too-soon “Lords of the Playground“.

Loewenstein told 8BitDad he’d love to do more fatherhood-themed videos. We ain’t hatin’ dogg, do your damn thing!

In the meantime, try not chanting “shots” now when your kid needs their flu shot. Thanks, Eitan.