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Prison Dad

If our visitor metrics are correct, we’ve got three people that read 8BitDad from within prison libraries. First of all, thank you! Second of all, we’re sorry that your sons are going to be dumb.

Before you petition for release and come kill me, please understand that this is science talking. Not 8BitDad…science.


Baby Snow Training Is Horrifying
Movie(s) Available!

flip flop over the top

Back in the glory days of 2010, we linked to a “Dynamic Gymnastics” video where some crazy lady whips a baby around. It was scary.

But somehow there’s a similar video that’s even worse. It will make you rethink every “flip flop over the top” you do in your local totally-not-in-the-goddamned-snow baby gym class…


How to Find Game Deals

The best part about the holiday season is that everyone you know has some sort of time off of work or school. When you were younger, time off always meant video game marathons with friends.

I’m a grown-up, human, father-type and it still means the same thing for me. And now that I’ve got a son who is as equally jazzed about playing games as I am, time off of school and work means that we are going to turn off all the lights, sit on the floor in our boxers, and play games until our eyes bleed.

Or until dinner. I mean, whatever’s cool.

Since I’m all grown-up and semi-responsible, I’m more interested these days in finding deals on video games. Sometimes, I won’t buy a video game right away because I’m deterred by the price. And especially now, with developers piecemealing games through DLC schemes a couple dollars at a time, discounts help the burn your wallet feels when you shell out cash on games.


Kids Don't Understand

Throughout my life, I’ve watched a ton of wonderfully nerdy movies that really stayed with me. They’re the movies that I’ll watch whenever I see them on TV, and they’re the first movies I search for on streaming services when I’m bored.

Sometimes, it breaks my nerd heart to not be able to share everything with my son all at once. But he simply won’t understand some of my nerd nostalgia movies. He was born into an era of iPhones and digital downloads. I came from the days of the diskette.


Dad Doge Meme

A new study suggests that even when dads are prepared for (and intuitive about) fatherhood, their engagement with their new baby still depends on mom.

Professor Sarah Schoppe-Sullivan and her team at The Ohio State University found in their study of 182 expectant, dual-earner couples that dads are more heavily engaged with their infants specifically when mom is not.


i has a sad

It’s said that little girls mature emotionally faster than boys. Buy why? Is it in their genes? Or is it how we talk to them?

Do mothers and fathers use different, more emotional language with their children? Does it change based on the child’s age and gender? Does mom use different language than dad? Spoiler alert: yes.

The British Journal of Developmental Psychology published a study this month that doles out the deets.


Why Did U Leave Me, Arcades

I can’t think of old style video game arcades without getting a little misty. Those loud, dark rooms, packed with upright arcade machines, all singing to themselves, ready to explode when someone dropped a quarter into them…it was magic.

A magic that, frankly, kids these days don’t get.


Disney Infinity MOAR Females

If you’ve got a daughter, you’ve no doubt thought about the representation of women in video games. Maybe some of your daughters have explicitly asked to play a game “as a girl.” Maybe you just want to teach your daughter that women aren’t relegated to the sidekick or the “princess in distress.” Maybe you just want more characters at your disposal.

Whatever the reason, you’ll be pleased with the Disney Infinity franchise. The Disney Infinity 2.0 launch has added a new handful of female characters, bringing the current tally of playable female characters to 14. It’s quite possibly the most female-inclusive video game ever.