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Dodgers Dad Snag

I love seeing dads that are able to have the presence of mind to catch a foul ball screaming toward them, all the while, holding their kid. When I’d hold my infant son, I was more or less useless to the rest of the world.

This dude, however, does it in stride:

The kid’s headphones/noise cancellers don’t even budge. Dad’s an all-star.


Hot Dad Bod

In case you don’t have your ear to the streets, (and why would you, it’s filthy) you might not know about a new trend: the “dad bod”.

In short, the dad bod is the body your dad’s got. you go check him out and tell him we said hello while you’re out. Don’t worry, we’ll wait.

You back? Okay cool. So the dad bod, as you saw, means you’re not cut anymore. You do some sit-ups and maybe run a little, but your youthful definition is gone. It’s cool, man. The ladies are into it. It’s socially acceptable. It’s in GQ, for crying out loud.


Swiffer Dad Seems Legit

Hey, up front: this is a sponsored post. Though we’re going to talk about some typical 8BitDad dad commercial stuff, I’m letting you know that I was compensated by the Swiffer folks with money and product to talk about their #SwifferDad campaign. Opinions, as always, are all mine.

You know the Swiffer commercials: a green box shows up on someone’s front porch, and suddenly the family enjoys cleaning. But what you might not have noticed is that Swiffer commercials have been really kind to fathers.

With the new “Swiffer Dad” campaign (HASHTAG!), P&G really put their money behind dads, even enlisting some dad bloggers for their commercials. Seem legit, right?


Dick Business Phrases for Parents

Now that a bunch of businessmen are raising families while their wives concuss themselves against the glass ceiling, the living room is the new boardroom.

Nothing says “I’m bringing us out of the emotional recession of raising babies” like standard operating procedure and business jargon in the home. These are 10 dick businessman things you can say to your young kids if you intend to run your home the way you ran your Fortune 500 company (And yes, we’re all aware you were at a Fortune 500 company back in like, 1988, Chad).

If you want to make sure your family unit is a sustainable business model, you need a standard operating procedure. And this list is a damn good starting point.


Dad's Book of Awesome Science Experiments Cover

There’s no shortage of science project books for parents and kids. Anyone can tell you how to make your own rock candy crystals or rockets powered by Mentos and Coke. But – call it nepotism or playing 8Bit favorites – I really like Mike Adamick’s Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments. It was released almost one year ago – ICYMI – and answers all the tough science questions kids tend to ask.

Mike had sent me his first book, Dad’s Book of Awesome Projects, which had a bunch of sweet do-it-yourself projects, like superhero capes and those books where you open up the cover and there’s a hidey-box inside. It also had a handful of daunting projects, like building rope swings, teeter-totters and old fashioned fruit crate scooters. Fo’ real. You can see that Mike loves DIY more than anyone, and even talked about my nerdy perler projects in an article on Parade. No shame here. My favorites game is fierce.

This book, Dad’s Book of Awesome Science Experiments, will teach you rad stuff – even how to make Mentos/Coke rockets and candy crystals. My favorite thing about the book is that it answers the perennial kid question, “why?


Nintendo Power Line Header

Video games have evolved at breakneck speed since their mass appeal took off in the 1970s. We’ve gone from arcades and home consoles to handhelds and cellphones in a short matter of time. We’ve moved away from big boxy cartridges, and can now download thousands of games straight to our consoles.

Obviously, some old school video game stuff is no longer around. Did you have any of these?


AthleTitti Success

This ROFLWTF moment is brought to you by Atsushi Shiraishi at the Tama Art University. When you’re a father, you want to be your child’s everything, and what better way to do that than by being your child’s EVERY-F***ING-THING?

That’s why the AthleTitti makes so much sense, even if you can’t say the name without giggling to yourself like a schoolboy. This rope, leather and steel vest provides your child with hand-and-footholds to rival even the finest play equipment at the park. Just know: you will get kicked in the johnson.


Samsung Gear VR

Our modern connectivity is a marvelous thing, and never more marvelous than when it’s connecting a father with his child.

And BTW, if you don’t want your noodle baked, then stop reading. Things are about to get cranked up to 11 on the future scale.

How crazy could connectivity get, right? How about a dad watching his baby’s birth through a VR headset? How about dads feeling their unborn children kicking through a smartwatch?