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Toilet Paper Pirate

This video would be solid gold if this leaf-blower and toilet paper death ray was pointed at anyone, but it just so happens that Eric Cire and his son Remy waited patiently for mom to come home before letting slip the dogs of war.

Good times at Fire Base Charmin.


Can't Even Lunch Note

This is admittedly weird: I feel actual guilt over the fact that I can’t draw my son a daily picture for his lunch. What?

I totally do. But I’m here to say that I’m becoming okay with it. And if you’re struggling with a similar emotion, I want you to feel okay and that your ability as a dad isn’t being judged because you aren’t drawing Superman for your kid every day.


Dadvertising Hornbach

I don’t know much about Germany, but I do know about dad commercials and back-to-school. The rest, I Google.

German retailer Hornbach paired with equally-German agency Heimat Berlin to create both a back-to-school and a DIY project ad for the hardware retailer. The result is awesomely gothic.



Kids are back to school, and – duh – they all need braindead stuff like a backpack, notebooks and pencils. But my kid is special, see. My kid is a snowflake. He’s got pencils, but he needs pizzazz.

So naturally, I’ve compiled a list of the top five things (there’s more, dudes, but attention span) that my special little snowflake needs for back-to-school time. Your kid probably doesn’t need them because I’ve seen your kid. He’s okay, but he’s all boogery and I can tell from the look in his eye that he’s not a go-getter. You want a go-getter? Dude, you can’t handle a go-getter if you even hesitated answering for a fraction of a second. This list isn’t for you, Mr. Mediocre.


Instagram for 5 Year Old

I’ll admit it: Yes, I started an Instagram account for my 5 year old son.

I’ve been trying to find digital-age bonding methods for my son and I. Sure, we do all that old world stuff – play catch, cook together, read together, play with Legos. But we also bond over photography – and when my son started to commission me to take photos of things to post to my own account, I thought “why can’t he do this too?”



Parents! Touch down your helicopters and pull away from your Excel-based poop schedule pivot tables and put down your “baby’s first binary” flash cards. This is something that’s gonna really rev your rotors.

So there’s this new thing called the Sproutling, which – TL;DR – gives you full-on info about your baby right on a phone app. See, now you won’t even have to peel yourself off Facebook or Candy Crush to check on your baby. Not that you ever thought you’d have to.

The Sproutling is currently taking preorders and will be shipping March 2015. That’s like, the future, Marty.


Peanut Butter Cheerios

General Mills Canada knocked one out of the park with their commercial for Peanut Butter Cheerios that started airing this week.

In the commercial titled “#HowToDad” by Toronto agency Tribal Worldwide, we see a dad. Owning it. Hard. Hashtag. Et cetera.


Dad's Rallisport Car

A YouTube commenter stole the show when he found his late father’s “ghost” in an old Xbox game.

And warning: someone is cutting all the onions right now. All of them. It’s dusty, I have allergies, and all of the onions are cut.