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6-Year-Old B-Girl Terra Terras It Up
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Bananas. Taken from the Chelles Battle Pro competition in Paris this past weekend, B-girl Terra tears up the floor like Chuck Norris and Yoda. Here’s the original video which has over 1 million views.

My favorite comment so far.


And here’s Terra’s highlights from that night from a closer camera.

Here she is again when she was just five years-old.

Props to her dad for the high-five and support from the side of the stage.


I’m sure you’ll be seeing more of her too. Cue Ellen, Today Show, etc.


Be Invisible


“I wish that I could beE ENVESEBL,” penned 5-year-old Keira right below a drawing of herself with a triangle braid.

Erin, a friend of mine from high school, posted this photo on Facebook and wrote the following:

“This made me a little sad. So, I asked Keira why she wanted to be invisible. She said, “because then no one could see me and I could eat candy and go on vacation all the time!” In my book, thats as good a reason as any to be invisible! Not so sad anymore!”

Such beautiful words from such a pure soul. Be like Keira and be invisible.


Episode 044: So, 2012 Was Great
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Episode 044: So, 2012 Was Great

This week’s episode covers some of the awesome stories written by other fathers around the internets for the week leading up to February 5th, 2013: Being A Father Makes You Better At Your Job / Does Being A Stay-At-Home Dad Make One “Emasculated”? No. Now Stop Asking, Please

Check out the audio only version of this episode above.


Movember Update #2
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We talk about our Movember experience, our team’s contributions and how over one million participants helped contribute to cancer research this year. Also Zach may or may not have been kicked off the team.

We “live review” three different electronic razors while hitting the pros/cons and price points of each.

If you’re using something other than the 90 razors we mentioned, leave a comment and tell us what you’re shaving with!


Thanksgiving & Black Friday
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Happy Thanksgiving! We talk about why you should respect the bird this Thanksgiving and how Black Friday effects families.


Movember Update #1
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We check in on Movember and our progress. John Taylor, father of two and writer over at, explains why Movember is important to him and how his involvement changed this year.


Oh, Welcome Home Blog, we can’t quit you. Just in time for Veteran’s Day is this awesome tale of father and son, good versus evil… it’s actually just all good.

A U.S. Navy Soldier surprises his kids on his son’s birthday after three months of being apart while on a 96 hour leave. His son wanted a Star Wars themed birthday party so that he could be Luke and fight Darth Vader. The role of Darth Vader was supposed to go to an older cousin, but the dad snuck in there at just the right time.

He really is the father.

It has been… *sniff*… 0 days… since our *sniff*… last Star Wars reference.

Welcome Home Blog


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We talk about Movember, why it’s important and how you can help the fight against cancer. Charlie Capen, from HowToBeADad, explains his personal involvement and why Movember is important to him. Zach kicks it up a notch and raises the stakes for his Movember donation campaign.