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Episode 050: Robot Finger
Movie(s) Available!

In this week’s episode we talk about robot fingers in our butts, Thanksgiving and holiday traditions, and holiday movies.

We mentioned these:

Robots: LA Auto Show (Jalopnik)
Robots: Lowe’s (The New Yorker)
Robots: Amazon (CBS News)
Robots: Tennessee Robot Houses (Popular Science)
Robots: Colbert Report Auto Robotic Fixation (Colbert Report)
Robots: TGI Fridays (Consumerist)

Tony Hawk Hoverboarding (YouTube)

John Denver Muppets Christmas Special (YouTube)

A Muppet Family Christmas (IMDB)

The Christmas Toy (YouTube)

Wolfenstein 3D (YouTube)

TSA Instagram (TSA)

BD Wong in Jurassic World  (Nerd Reactor)

Handmade Hero (Laughing Squid)


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Episode 049: Games and Moar Games

In this week’s episode we talk about arcades, game lounges, more about Archeage, World of Warcraft, Mario Brothers movie, online security, social media/phones for kids & Dave Pollot art.

We mentioned these:

From 8BitDad: My Son Missed Out On the Golden Age of Video Game Arcades (8BitDad)

Two boys allegedly molested in Dave & Busters bathroom; man charged (LA Times)

World of Warcraft: Looking For Group Trailer (YouTube)

The World Of Warcraft Movie Just Announced These Actors And Characters (CinemaBlend)

ZergID Beta

Super Mario Bros. Trailer (YouTube)

Fantastic Four’s new Doctor Doom is an angry guy on the Internet (A.V. Club)

Dave Pollot Repurposed Thrift Art (Etsy)

Game: Halo Master Chief Collection (Halo Waypoint)

Game: ArcheAge (Trion)

Game: World of Warcraft: Warlords of Draenor (Battle Net)


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Episode 048: Sexy Bear

Episode 048: Sexy Bear

In this week’s episode we talk about next-gen consoles, sci-fi violence, gaming and paying to win (P2W).

We mentioned these:

Chappie Trailer

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Trailer

Mario Kart 8 Mercedes DLC

Mario Kart 8 DLC Pack

Grand Theft Auto V: First Person Experience

Assassin’s Creed Female Character Controversy

Game: Disney Infinity 2.0

Game: ArcheAge

Game: The Simpsons Tapped Out – iOS | Android

Game: Marvel Puzzle Quest – iOS | Android | Steam


Things you can do when you're drunk


Toddlers get to break all the rules. They can walk around the house with only socks on, bite their own toenails, smash cupcakes into their mouth hole with complete disregard for self-respect… you know, the standard stuff. In this video, Tripp and Tyler go the extra mile to make it clear that toddlers are just tiny badasses that dgaf.

Of course, you could pull all that sh*t off if you were totally wasted too.


Meet Spider-Dad


There’s been a lot of superhero dad action as of late.

There’s this solider who came home to surprise his son dressed as Spider-Man, the always fun-loving BatDad, Lambo BatDad pulled over on the way to a children’s hospital, YABD (yet another BatDad) with BatKid who saved San Francisco that one time, this TrollDad who stood outside on his doorstep every morning for a year waving to his son’s bus, and the ever so popular I know a good dad when I see one dad.

Now, those are just a few of the dads out there that are sharing some superhero awesomeness with their kids. So what could possibly tingle our Spidey-Sense again?



Here’s a little video of Benjamin Ames and his daughter singing a song on camera. The idea was to keep her mind preoccupied one night after hearing fireworks so she could go to sleep which turned into father/daughter cuteness overload.

“In the end, nothing competes with fireworks.”

The YouTube description goes on to read, “(To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email”

In the end, nothing competes with the sale of a cute viral video.

All about the Benjamin. Well played, Ames. Well played.


Good Man, Better Father


Why is this dad awesome? Click play below to hear from his daughter or read the transcript below.

Text from audio:

This photo is the root of a much bigger project I’m currently working on, but I needed somewhere to start and if I tackle it in smaller bits, it will be easier to put together what I’ve got so far and not overwhelm my heart so much.

This is my dad. With him is my eldest sister, Sonny. She’s fought her way through 25 years on this earth and found herself with the great fortune of a loving family. My dad works a full time job he hates, and everyday he comes home and gets to work his other fulltime, thankless job—he gets to be the caretaker for my sister.

She’s got the cognitive ability of a two or three year old, with limited speech and mobility and function. Like a baby, trapped within the temperament of a toddler and in the body of a young woman. They eat dinner in this big chair in front of the T.V. and fall asleep together every night.

I made the hard decision to move home from across the country and have stumbled across these quiet moments of my father.

He’s the kind of man that had a family young. He works whatever jobs he must, he’s been sober for 23 years, and a single dad for 13. He’s one of those remarkable people who’s suffered more than they deserve yet continues to love unconditionally.

I’m one of his daughters, and there are fewer things in this world I’m prouder to be.

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Darth Baby’s Lightsaber
Movie(s) Available!


Here’s a cute little video that shows the dangers of lightsabers when they fall into the wrong hands. Tiny, tiny hands.

“Why do they even make baby sabers?”