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“I knew people would react this way”, says Sydney Spies mother, Miki. “It’s artistic. It’s stunning.” I guess a half-naked photo of your daughter going up some stairs like she’s Mae West is artistic for you, but there are more stunning photos of women out there that have more class and did not get their clothes out of a dumpster behind an Arby’s.

I get the whole right of expression thing and I get the individualist and personal nature of it all, but comeon. This is high school. And to top it off, this is pretty damn bush league compared to what other teenage girls are up to. So step up your game or get off the playing field to make room for more qualified attention whores.

Whatever. There’s a lot more interesting stories out there for us to cover but I couldn’t help notice the lack of a dad which kind of proves this point: girls need a father figure, or at least someone to beat the crap out of the photographer when he said, “Okay, now throw your arms back and stick your ass out.” But mommy likes it because it’s artistic.

NBC created a poll with the current results above. Go figure.

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Let me preface this by saying if you’ve seen our video podcast, you know I’m a mac dad (not a “mac daddy”). I’m also about 2.5 months late on this apparently – since my wife and I have the Tivo‘s and hate watching commercials.

The ‘grocery-store-dad’ caught my eye as I was watching the NFL Wild Card Playoffs between the Giants and Falcons on live TV tonight (go Giants! Get Green Bay even though odds are against you!). Naturally, I haven’t seen this 30 second spot by Microsoft until now.

Hot off the heels of our Dadvertising 2011 recap when it comes to commercials, I normally don’t see a lone dude picking out items in a grocery store without looking like a sheltered animal that’s just been released into wild to fend for himself in a blinding array of whip-pans and dizzying camera angles – I don’t know what commercial I’m referencing but I just naturally assume that there’s a commercial out there just like that. It’s the f*cking truth. Needless to say this one defeated all stereotypes despite how accurate and left me giving a mental “standing-o” at the end of the 30 seconds. It gave me hope, here’s why.


Cool Craft: DIY Star Wars Snowflakes
Photo(s) Available!

This is a cool little task to perform with your kids – hell, even if you don’t have kids this is cool. Not only does this involve Star Wars, but it’s a seasonal craft (kind of) and slightly challenging! Plus you have some pretty badass snowflakes to display around your home or office to make your other friends/coworkers jealous that you just did something pretty epic.


Christopher Jobson wrote a great summary of this new exhibit at the Children’s Art Centre gallery on Level 1 at the Queensland Gallery of Modern Ar (sic) which, incidentally, is the new Aussie pirate wing of Queensland Gallery of Modern Art, over at

This blank canvassed room filled with brilliant white furniture, appropriately titled “The Obliteration Room” by artist Yayoi Kusama, allowed thousands of kids armed with thousands of colored stickers to be apart of this project this past December 2011.

The exhibit will be on display until March 12th of this year.



Episode 011: To Humility And Beyond

Dyrk Daniels captures an unusual moment between a Golden Bengal Tiger and a baby girl.

While I’m away from my daughter at work, there are times when I feel just like this Golden Bengal Tiger – caught behind a barrier of responsibilities and my daughter where only I’m fortunate enough to spend 2/3 of my day during the week. Of course the days I feel like mauling my daughter are only armed with smooches.

The Daily Mail was first to jump on this 2009 photo with an article posted on October 31st, 2011 – proving photography diamonds in the proverbial-internet-rough may be lost but never forgotten. Likewise, we totally jumped on it a month and a half after the Daily Mail – to be fair we only have Zach to fall back on as the content monster around these parts of 8BitDad.

I did manage to get in touch with photographer, Dyrk Daniels, who captured the amazing photo between Taj, the 370-pound Golden Bengal Tiger, and a little girl at the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah, Washington State. He has two children and Mr. Daniels was awesome enough to accept my request and answer a few of my fatherhood-related questions for this 8BitDad exclusive.


Since shopping and buying gifts for the holidays have become so integrated into society’s year-end habitual consumer machine, it’s only natural to follow suit and give into the shopping holiday spirit. As parents, we will do anything for our kids to make the holiday that much more enchanting and special. I know this because my 15-month-old daughter is the first grandchild on both sides of the family, so yah – she’s pretty damn enamored with Christmas.

However, there are some giving folks who have taken to the streets, or Omaha Kmarts to be more specific, to make Christmas special for random families. I like this. I think people like this as well – hopefully not too much.

If I lived in Omaha and found out about this you bet your jolly sweet ass I’d be running out the door to a Kmart, look for a suitor, and put sh*t on layaway.

Interesting fact: Behemoth retailers Target nor Walmart offer layaway. Sears does, but the parent company, Sears Holdings Corporation owns both Kmart and Sears.

I just hope this isn’t an ingenious marketing ploy by Kmart to entice shoppers into a family game of “Santa Chance” – if it is revealed as such, I swear to some f*ckin’ jolly fat dude that I will post a video of myself giving a standing ovation in front of Kmart as an update to this article.

Until then, I’ll just keep believing in humanity.


A young 13-year-old girl, Clarisse Kambire, bent over in a cotton field pictured above in my Photoshop 2-minute masterpiece, caught my attention as a father. When I hear about a child labor scandal involving a national corporation as large as Limited Brands, who owns Victoria’s Secret, and physically see photos of a young girl being forced to work and read a little of her daily life – I automatically go into rage mode.

If you’re a decent person, you’d hopefully generate empathy too with a question like, “What if that was my daughter/son?”. And damn that’s a scary thought as I safely sit in a comfortable chair behind an awesome computer.

As a U.S. citizen and sometimes consumer, I hate to say it but I’m not surprised at this story. It’d be nice to see products like this sh*t made in the USA and sold for 1/2 the price – but that will never happen. The sad fact is the Third World competes to survive off America while America focuses on profit, looking for world bargains, slowly drowning the middle class with corporation’s lust for greed. In 2006, Hanes was found to have exploited children in Bangladesh.

So now that Victoria has finally been exposed, their PR department has found themselves smack dap in the middle of a media sh*t-storm, stiff-arming all accusations of forced child labor so far. There’s no mistake that this is still happening, there’s no doubt it will continue to happen, but right now it’s happening in Burkina Faso.

Big ups to Bloomberg News for uncovering this story, spending more than six weeks reporting in Burkina Faso, including interviewing Clarisse, her family, neighbors and leaders in her village.