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Khloe Kardashian’s Real Father

I’m still baffled as to why the Kardashian’s are famous.

I don’t even want to analyze it. I’ll let Kramer do the talking.

Though I must say, I did see this article on The Blemish that crossed my feed over on the Facebooks, which I have to say is pretty damn believable. “They settled on Alex Roldan, Kris Jenner’s hairdresser from her I Love My Friends music video. They put their photos side by side and allege Khloe’s middle name, Alexandra, is an ode to Alex and then they yelled, “See?! See?! I f**king told you so!””.

So if you care, there’s that. I’m going with part-time Lou Ferrigno, Alex Roldan.

The Blemish


This video of Sofia Walker was a fascinating comparison to what Dyrk Daniels captured a while back between a baby and a white Bengal tiger at the Cougar Moutain Zoo in Issaquah, Washington State.

I got to talk to Sofia’s father, Julian, about this unique experience his wife caught on camera at the Wellington Zoo in New Zealand.


Fatherhood Is…

Oh nevermind.


Hot off the dress of yesterday’s Six Princess Books For Parents Who Hate Princess Books story, we have a fresh, adult female perspective into the teachings of princesses – as it were. Though disavows any type of Boys Club content – whatever that is, us dads maybe? – I was curious as to what the self-proclaimed ultimate entertainment destination for smart, independent and creative females had to say.

I have a daughter and I read girl blogs. Wanna fight about it?


There’s a cool site out there called Building A Library by Tom. Not THE Tom, like Myspace Tom, but a Tom. Not a drum, but… okay f*ck it, he’s a drum. He calls his aforementioned blog Building A Library because for every week of his wife’s pregnancy, he went out and bought at least one book for his eventual kid. Almost five years later, he’s still developing their collection. He comes from the world of publishing (like me!) and is now a freelance writer and contributing editor for a bunch of media outlets.

He has a good sensibility to his writing and recently wrote the article, Six Princess Books for Parents Who Really, Really Hate Princess Books. As a father of a little girl – who might not fall complete 100% victim to the moth light that is the Disney princess marketing money pit; there’s still hope that she’ll remain a goofball – I could really appreciate his expertise in the field of “girl literature”.

Others left comments in Tom’s article, offering some really great anti-princess suggestions:

Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots?
Every inquisitive little girl wonders what it is really like to be a genuine princess. At the heart of Do Princesses Wear Hiking Boots? lives an energetic, spirited, and contemporary child who has lots of important questions for her mom. Do princesses ride tricycles, climb trees, do chores, or have to eat the crusts of their bread?

The Twelve Dancing Princesses
The talented Brigette Barrager lavishly illustrates this beautiful retelling of the Grimm Brothers’ “The Twelve Dancing Princesses.” In this fairy tale, twelve princesses wake up every morning to find their shoes are worn out and they are totally exhausted! A handsome suitor discovers that the princesses are enchanted, and that each night, in their sleep, they travel to a magical world to dance at a ball. Will this handsome suitor be able to break the spell and rescue the princesses?

Not All Princesses Dress in Pink
Princesses come in all kinds. Exuberant text from Jane Yolen and her daughter Heidi Yolen Stemple paired with charming illustrations prove that girls can jump in mud puddles and climb trees, play sports and make messes—all while wearing their tiaras! Not every girl has a passion for pink, but all young ladies will love this empowering affirmation of their importance and unlimited potential.


Check out Tom The Drum’s six recommendations for parents who hate princess books in the sauce below.

Building A Library


This is a video directly from my friend Michael Touna, who posted this tonight. It’s fresh, it’s original, it’s fantastic.

Brief history: our paths crossed professionally a few years back while we worked together in the same building. After getting to know each other on a more personal level, we learned that our respective wives’ due date was within months of each other. I had a daughter and 2 months later he would had a son. We appeared to be the complete opposites yet we were both kindred spirits in our life experience. As a future father, it was awesome to go through most of the pregnancy phases alongside him as he helped to construct his future family. We had been strangers years before, but now had something in common to bond over and talk about. It was pretty awesome.


Episode 012: Year Of The Nyan
Movie(s) Available!

“I knew people would react this way”, says Sydney Spies mother, Miki. “It’s artistic. It’s stunning.” I guess a half-naked photo of your daughter going up some stairs like she’s Mae West is artistic for you, but there are more stunning photos of women out there that have more class and did not get their clothes out of a dumpster behind an Arby’s.

I get the whole right of expression thing and I get the individualist and personal nature of it all, but comeon. This is high school. And to top it off, this is pretty damn bush league compared to what other teenage girls are up to. So step up your game or get off the playing field to make room for more qualified attention whores.

Whatever. There’s a lot more interesting stories out there for us to cover but I couldn’t help notice the lack of a dad which kind of proves this point: girls need a father figure, or at least someone to beat the crap out of the photographer when he said, “Okay, now throw your arms back and stick your ass out.” But mommy likes it because it’s artistic.

NBC created a poll with the current results above. Go figure.

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