The Kiccup Protects You From Getting Baby-Kicked in the Junk
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Any dad that’s worn a baby carrier knows that there’s a sweet, bundle of joy in front of you that you’ve got to protect. And that is, of course, your testicles.

Look, you’re a good dad and you’ve got a handle on that fatherhood thing. But getting kicked in the junk is not fun. That’s why the Kiccup exists – it’s a shield that hangs below your baby carrier and protects you from wild baby-kicks.

Every warrior needs armor, and gentlemen, if you’re not protecting your meatballs, then what in the world are we doing here? Amirite or amirite?

Andy Atherton and his wife Amy are behind the Kiccup. When their children were infants, they’d rope ’em into their Baby Bjorn and take walks around the neighborhood. But Andy, being satisfactorily-endowed, would get kicked in his man-pieces over and over. Walks became, well, a pain.

So Andy and Amy got to work on a solution and came up with the Kiccup – a mudflap that hangs below the baby carrier and absorbs those dangerous baby hurricane kicks.

Here’s the thing: I don’t have a baby or a baby carrier. But I’ve got a 5 year old. So I put the Kiccup to the test.

So, that worked out.

Big thanks to Andy and Amy Atherton for sending a Kiccup out to me to try (that’s disclosure!). I knew when they first e-mailed to tell me about the Kiccup that I had to give it a try. Know a new dad that needs to protect his pieces? You can get a Kiccup for $20 straight from the Kiccup website. That’s a lot cheaper than getting replacement balls.

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  • Paul Van Lierop

    Or just more validation that wearing a cup around your kids at all time is just a good idea.

  • This gave me a really good idea what to buy for my husband 😉