25 Reasons Kids Should Be Left Alone With Their Dads
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Leave Kids Alone With Dad

Making fun of dads because they are “pretty much just giant children” is soooooooo 2011. Maybe y’all ain’t heard, but dads are getting all sorts of respect lately – not because they’re doing anything different, but because – ugh – who didn’t want to loosen up the grip a little, amirite?

Buzzfeed didn’t get the memo, so they put out an hilarious article titled “24 Reasons Kids Should Never Be Left Alone With Their Dads“. And besides some of the photos being genuinely funny with no real gender-specific blame to lather onto dad, it’s just kind of, well, you know…phoned-in.

But here’s the thing: when you beat dads down over and over and make moms distrustful of them (even in jest), all it makes society say is “don’t leave your kids alone with dad – you KNOW what they do!” And then guess who has to deal with the pressure of raising kids, working, and doing their damn thing? Moms. So lay off, kk?

In light of this, I present to you 24 reasons (plus a bonus, you motherlovers) your kids should be left alone with their dads.

1. They’re Not Too Cool for Selfies

Because honestly, if a kid silly face will brighten your kid’s day, you check your pride and do it.

2. They Make the Coolest Lunch Pack-ins

Look for a Q&A with this dude here soon. Incredible work.

3. They’re Not Afraid of Creepy-Crawlies

There’s a couple of good “lizard” euphemisms I’ll pass up here.

4. They Know Their Way Around a Garden

And teaching a love for eating right!

5. The Best Family Portraits EVAR

Like, honestly.

6. They’ll Be At Every Game

Even if they’ve got two broken legs, they’ll make it there.

7. Family Movies in the Man-Cave

Because it’s just a cave if it’s not filled with family.

8. They’ll Wait Hours to Get You Next to the Trophy

You won’t care now, son, but when you’re older, it’ll be cool to have a pic of three generations next to that thing.

9. Discipline Is Sometimes in Character

Though really, everything BatDad does is in character.

10. Medical/Dental/Vision Insurance is a Number One Priority!

But you know what I mean.

11. They’re Into Crafts

And not above making up superheroes.

12. They Will Tell the Hell Out of a Story

Anything to make a bedtime story better.

13. They Beam With Pride

About everything their kids do – big and small.

14. They Make Great Pillows

And they don’t just run to Twitter to complain about it and demand wine.

15. They Aren’t Afraid

When their child arrived, they dove right in.

16. They Will Be Your Training Wheels

Until you can go it alone.

17. Seriously, the BEST Lunch Notes

We Q&A’d with this guy! Read it here!

18. They’re Not Afraid to Hold You Close

And take you everywhere.

19. They Let Their Kids Play With Their Old Toys

Because you can’t take it with you when you’re gone.

20. They Will Ride That Ride

Because it means a lot to you, son.

21. They Have Good Advice

Sometimes so good that it ends up in a book.

22. They Have a Conference About Being a Good Dad

And the support there flows. Pic of dad blogger Lorne Jaffe.

23. They Can Show Mercy

From BusyDadBlog: “She said ‘aw it’s so cute’ and proceeded to pet this fish. Of course we had to let it go.”

24. They Will Catch You

Not just when you fall, but when you jump.

25. They Honor Their Spouses With Pictures Too

Because if they didn’t respect their spouses, why would they be raising a kid with them?!


Your move, Buzzfeed.


(header image from 8BitBry / Instagram)


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    Perfect. 8Bit Dad for the win.


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    Awesome list Zach.

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  • Dads do it with style.

  • Pat Murdoch

    I think IM going away. Confusion has definitely set in. Santa has left me a bad toy dollhouse and I don’t like it,

  • Victor Aragon

    This is a fantastic list. Great job Zach!

  • This is such an awesome list. Nicely done


  • Fantastic! Love every one of these! Great job @zjrosenberg:disqus!

  • That is a fine list.

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  • Luke Shabro

    Wow. Awesome!

  • Phrixus

    Lovely post and absolutely true! My two and a half year old daughter spends most of the day with her dad and he’s the best dad in the world. Shame on buzzfeed for that one.

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    Best list ever!

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    Love this. LOVE it!

  • Extraordinary. Simply perfect.

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    Nicely done, Zach.

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    Nice. Great way to call out some wonderful dads.
    The heck with that article!

  • Richard Nemeth

    This make me proud to be a dad.

  • Nice.

  • TroubleWithStairs

    All of these apply to Moms as well, so Up With Parents!

    • Srkeegan

      I think the point is fathers have been devalued.

  • Eric Hubert

    nice compilation of some great stuff..don’t forget father’s day,it’s right around the corner…

  • OneGoodDad

    Great list. Also, I would add coach their kids’ teams. And something else, oh yeah, they’re the child’s parent!

  • Srkeegan

    Damn you 8bitdad! All makin’ me feel stuff…

  • Wife of a SAHD

    My husband is a SAHD and I think he has done ALL of these. I even came home to find my house covered in Nerf gun darts attached to everything and a daughter running around and looking for her dad. He was hiding to ambush her. Great article and I love that dad’s are being shown in such a great light. Many people think mine watches ESPN all day (NOT), I wouldn’t trade him being at home with her for any amount of money in the world! GO DADS!!

  • Well said! We’re such a mushy bunch.

  • Thebartonboys

    Thanks for posting this article! As a father of 5 kids myself, and one who has not ever shied away from changing diapers no matter what the color, smell, or weight (I’m not counting but it’s gotta be at 15,000 by now), I don’t appreciate the often over used cliche of incompetent dads. This article does represent more of what I hope my wife thinks when she thinks of dad being home alone with the kids.

    In a world where marriage and parenthood are discounted, and destroyed, and the kids are left in the dust at daycare, articles like this are a breath of fresh air, and I hope they catch on. Thank you again!

  • Joe Dalessandro

    How about one for all of the single dads out there

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