Six Year Old Crashes Mom’s Car While Driving to See Dad Across Town

Pennsylvania Car Crash

A six year old girl wrecked her mom’s car yesterday as she drove to go see her father across town.


Police say that the young girl stole her sleeping mother’s keys around 9am Sunday. She hopped in the car and drove down the street, hitting curbs, several parked cars, and eventually, a utility pole.

Police Sgt. Jerry Parker said the girl was able to reach the pedals because she is tall for her age, but can’t figure out how she knew how to turn the car on.

The girl’s father drove to the scene and picked her up after police determined that she wasn’t hurt in the incident.

After police determined that the six year old girl wasn’t hurt, her father took her home. No mention of the mother, and 8BitDad sources have it on good authority that she is still asleep as of the posting of this article.

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  • I did more or less the same thing when I was six. I only got as far as the neighbors trash cans however.