Dads Outraged Over UK’s First “Ladies And Children’s Only” Play Center

Kids Go Wild ORLY

A play centre (that’s a center to us, y’all) in the United Kingdom is the subject of much talk lately – but not because of the radical ball pits or epic monkey bars. Kids Go Wild, in Birmingham, England, is making headlines because it has banned men entirely from the facility – even fathers of the children inside.

“Ladies and children only – no boys over 9 allowed” reads one of their signs. Similarly, their partially-done website touts Kids Go Wild as “what you’ve all been waiting for, the UK’s first ladies and children’s only soft play centre!”

The site continues: “A safe, stimulating and fun environment for children and a relaxing place for you!”

Just not you, dad.

But wait, there’s a great excuse for making the facility man-free: managers at Kids Go Wild, which opened last month, say they’re catering to the “predominately Asian community.” A manager contacted by the Birmingham Mail also added that “it’s not that men are an issue – ladies are more comfortable around women.”

In the community, dads are outraged. One Muslim father of three told the Birmingham Mail that though it’s normal for Muslim men and women to be separate at religious events and social functions, but this play center fell under neither of those specifications. Another father said it would have been smarter for Kids Go Wild to offer areas specific to men and women. A commenter on The Daily Mail‘s coverage suggested different days for men and women-only access.

The Equality and Human Rights Commission is taking a look at the facility’s case, and will decide whether it’s subject to England’s Equality Act. “The Equality Act does allow for some services to be just for women or men-only,” says a spokesperson for the Equality and Human Rights Commission, “but this is the exception not the norm and must pass a strict test to be justifiable. We will look into why Kids Go Wild is a women-only service.”

In related fake news, Procter & Gamble has made a bid to buy Kids Go Wild, saying “this sort of play center is exactly what we tried to achieve with the Olympics!”

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  • The lady and child in my house probably wouldn’t go either. We tend to like to do fun things as a family. Weird, I know.
    We also tend to scowl at businesses that tell us that one of us doesn’t belong. Like the woman who set up our wedding registry who looked at me over the top of her glasses and said “I’m surprised to see YOU here” which made my eyes go squinty while I said, “Well, I’m picky about my cookware, and I’d like to have some say in the pots and pans I’ll be using. But if you think my time would be better spend looking at the big-screen TVs, then we can take our registry elsewhere”

    • I got the same treatment with our registries. I had to inform the ladies at Macys that I am the one the does the cooking in my house. So if they want to make money on pots, pans and knives, talk to me. If they want to make money on tupperware and that microwave bacon rack, talk to my wife.

  • anonymous

    Men aren’t considered part of the modern family anymore. Despite the London riots being blamed on fatherlessness, more and more you see a society that discounts men, demonizes men, and declares men incapable of even watching their own children at play. It’s sickening.