Jun. 5, 2012 Episode
Episode 032: Not Safe For Life
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Episode 032: Not Safe For Life

This week’s episode covers the following stories on 8BitDad.com for the week leading up to June 5th, 2012: Good On You: JCPenny Features Same-Sex Fathers in Ad / Book Review: Darth Vader And Son / Deaf 2-Year-Old Boy Hears His Mother’s Voice For The Very First Time / Beta Dad – Ruining Daddy Blogging


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Bryan is a musician and filmmaker. He has one daughter and one son who was born May 4th, 2013. He spends his days surrounded by scientists in Malibu when he's not creating music or fighting for the First Order.
  • Betadad

    A couple things about Dan’s post. You won’t find it if you just click around on his blog.  As he explained to me in an email (we have exchanged a lot of them, none of which I would give a shit if the whole world had any interest in reading), he buried it as a separate page, and it’s sole purpose is to pop up when you google “beta dad + single dad laughing,” “dad centric+single dad laughing,” etc.  Kinda clever, I guess.  Mostly I think it’s a hilarious title, and I’m oddly proud that if you google “ruining dad blogging,” my blog shows up.

    A couple clarifications: I do write for Dad Centric, and many of the guys there have posted and tweeted stuff making fun of Dan.  I live in San Diego.  How dare you try to accuse me of living in the OC.  You want a goddamn blog war?

    I thought about writing a rebuttal to Dan’s post, but since he didn’t *really* post it, I didn’t bother.  I also thought he might be baiting me and didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of a response. Dad Centric adopted the same policy.

    I don’t think Dan actually took much time writing that post.  He didn’t provide any quotes from my blog or Dad Centric.  He made a bunch of accusations with no evidence (except for the screenshots.)  I could go through and argue against every one, but suffice it to say, he didn’t get the gist of the two posts I wrote about him.  Anyone who read them would see that.  I never accused him of having a writing staff or any of that crap–people who commented on my blog did, though.  In the first post, I mostly critiqued his style, and pointed out that his numbers were hard to explain.  I never claimed to have any idea what specific stuff he could have done to blow up the way he did.  In the second post, I said that the “Brave Teen” post was pretty suspicious and he had more reason than anyone else to have written it.

    As far as the comments on Dan’s blog…welll, heh heh, yeah, I did leave a couple.  As far as I recall, I left four: one where I went off on him while signed in as Beta Dad (I think he has a screenshot of it).  Later, after he removed that comment, I left a comment where I apologized for my tone, but said I stand by the sentiment (he didn’t screen shoot that one.)  Then, on the water bottle post, I left two under a fake name (“Janine”–he provides screenshots).  I’m not sure exactly why I used a fake name, but it was during a time that I was really struggling to stop reading SDL because it made my head explode too much.  It was before I had embraced my role as his nemesis, so I guess I just didn’t want people to think I was a total crank.  I was starting to feel like I was crazy because I was the only one who left anything other than laudatory comments.  I never cared whether Dan knew it was me or not.  I never left any comments on later posts, as far as I remember.  I definitely didn’t leave any on the “Brave Teen” post, as he implies.

    I think he also said I removed some of the horrible things I had said about him, but that’s not true.  As far as I know, everything I’ve ever written about him is still up, much to his chagrin, apparently.


    • All I know is that I love this feud and the father-blogger community needs to have more people fighting with each other, if for no other reason, so we all keep the quality of writing high. If we all just go on untested, we won’t be able to say “CRUSHED 24 OTHER DAD BLOGS ON MY WAY TO THE TOP.”

      Thanks for watching, reading and writing, Andy!

  • Lizziesavage

    Way to pick on me for writing a long response. meanies.  haha I was just trying to tell u my stories of how my boys are always getting bumps and bruises and the ER is only for emergencies that I cannot heal up myself. SO THERE is the shortened version  :p

  • LizzieSavage

    You can totally start a dad-blog-fight and Zack can use my name, since he’s WAY better at writing than me. Except that I’m a mom, not a dad so I don’t know if my comments count.  ps – I love that you both call me Savaj instead of Savage, since 90% of people actually pronounce it like that! Like they’re afraid to call me SAVAGE! Well I AM a Savage, muahaha    I’m in a  weird mood after watching your show, I think your weirdness during the show permeates the screen and gets inside my head.