National Center for Fathering: Good Dads Honor Moms

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It’s easy to say this, but when you’re a dad, one of the best things you can do is honor mom. This Mother’s Day, take a couple tips from the National Center for Fathering – we’ll give you a brief recap, but you’ll have to take a minute to read it yourself. We’re jerks but we’re not thunder-stealers.

Above all, the NCF says that all moms are different – so there’s no one magic solution (sorry bro). Some moms like to have an easy day of being waited on. Some would rather go do a family activity. But it goes without saying (which is a stupid phrase for us to use since the NCF and us are saying it) that you – dad – should be highly involved with making sure mom’s got her way.

The NCF didn’t mention this – but for the sake of the national statistics, we will – but if you’re divorced, don’t let that stand in the way of you speaking well about your kid’s mom. Things might not have worked out for you two, but bad-mouthing mom won’t make anyone’s life better.

So, regardless of whether mom wants to take it easy or take a hike – like, a real one outside with the family – make it happen.

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