Military Dad Surprises Son for Birthday Dressed as Captain America
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What’s better than a military man coming home? A military man coming home for his son’s birthday. What’s better than a military man coming home for his son’s birthday? A military man coming home for his son’s birthday dressed like Captain America.

This is why Cole and Chase’s dad is awesome. This dude IS Captain America. Check the video:

What? Am I crying? Uhhh…no…that’s just Super-Soldier Serum.

BTW, how comic book is it that these kids don’t recognize their own dad with the Captain America cowl on? It’s the magic paradox of superheroes – someone you know your whole life can become a larger-than-life superhero with only half of his face covered.

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  • manvdadhood

    I love to see these, but they’re hard for me to see because it makes me think of my military friends, and how much I couldn’t make the commitment they did… I was close, but just couldn’t do it.