Anti-Smoking Ad With Father Controversial For Bottle-Feeding
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New Zealand rugby star Piri Weepu was in an anti-smoking commercial. There was a two second clip of him bottle-feeding his baby – which is a sweet image for a father*. But as MSNBC reports, “the country’s Health Sponsorship Council bowed to pressure from La Leche League and other motherhood advocacy groups,” and removed the bottle-feeding scene because it didn’t align with the “breast is best” values of the country.

Le sigh.

There’s a Facebook page to “bring back the scenes of Piri Weepu bottle-feeding his baby” and with over 2,000 “likes,” it would seem that some of the public is in agreement: there’s nothing bad about a bottle-feedin’ dad.

And as many commenters on the Facebook page mention, there very well could have been breastmilk in that bottle.

You can watch the edited version here:


Now, I understand sticking to your guns, so I can’t just pass this issue off and say “aren’t there bigger things to be worried about?” But, what I will say, echoed in so many other criticisms of this commercial, is that with all the fighting women have had to do just to breastfeed in public, shouldn’t we lay off a little when a man’s feeding the baby? We, as a world, need to be celebrating involved fathers who opt to feed their kids when mom’s not able or around.

Plus, WTF, amirite?



* – unless you’re Huggies, in which case, you show fathers bottle-feeding and refer to it as “the ultimate test,” insinuating that dads are going to screw it up.

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  • lucymfel

    We joke around in our home that when I get tired of doing it, dad wishes he had a breast. He helped out many times when our daughter was an infant with bottle feeding. I understand the criticism that women get for breastfeeding in public, but we should be happy that there are dad’s who are more than willing to help out when mom’s need a bit of a break. Because we are not superwomen and we do need help (I fail at asking for help most of the time) but luckily dad sees it and jumps into help out with monitoring her while she is eating (14 months), baths, and just when I need to get things done. As for the Huggies ad, let’s just say I still can’t put those damn things on and already bought a potty. Dad’s pamper process is better than mine. I hardly ever put papmpers on my nephew and wouldn’t touch the messy ones at all. So my pamper skills are horrible. I had to watch video and read a book  of how to do that and everything else. So for the ad to assume that the real test is when Dad’s have to take over misses a big mark with first time mother’s like me.