Archive:  February 29th, 2012

This week’s Podcast Question of the Week is about bullying:

How do you protect your kids from bullying?

Everyone feels bullied at some point, usually in those delicate teen years. And with the dawn of the internet and social media, kids are being bullied in new ways over new networks in capacities that are causing them to kill themselves. These stories are in the news – daily.

It’s a sad situation, to say the least.

But how do we protect our kids from bullying? Do you teach them to fight back? Do you teach them to tell the proper authorities? Do you moderate their social networks? Do you have a one-on-one with your kid to sort out their emotions?

We want to know! Leave your answer in the comments here and we’ll read some of your answers on our podcast! Be sure to watch on Tuesday, 3/6.


(there was no good pic for a serious question about bullying…okay?!)


App Review (and Code Giveaway!): Baby Pic for iPhone


Baby Pic for iPhone
Parent Rating4
Kid Approval5
Developer(s): Punk Opera
Product Link: Buy It Now!

Take a cruise around Instagram and if you didn’t know it already, you’ll soon learn that parents love to take pictures of their babies. You’ll also learn what baby ears look like, because babies have this crazy way of knowing when you’re about to snap a shot and turn their heads. Two Brazilian fathers found a great way for parents to get great photos of their babies’ faces, and you’d be surprised to learn their inspiration for their new iPhone app, Baby Pic.

We’ve also got one code for Baby Pic lyin’ around and will give it to one of you readers (see details after the review)!