Beavis And Butthead In Real Life Dad Comment Win

So I saw this story posted over on the BuzzFeed and I can safely say that I will have legitimate nightmares now. The Beavis and Butthead prosthetic models done by artist Kevin Kirkpatrick are hauntingly amazing.

But that’s not the reason for this post. In the comments, Vincent Gallagher posted the most liked comment thus far. “I told my son that’s his uncle and he was coming to the house this afternoon he said no dad hes weird lmao”.

#dadwin. We’re gonna help Vincent stay at the top and you should too. And if you don’t feel like sleeping tonight, check out the Beavis and Butthead real life photo set in the link below.

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  • vvincent

    Thanks 8BITDAD !!you guys are so funny keep up the good work. And by the way .my son still thinks is uncle looks weird. my son just had a birthday and guess how i told him might show up and his party LOL happy 9th birthday son