GMP: Why Are Fathers Treated Differently In Divorce?

Vikki Larson takes on the topics of divorced fathers and public perception on The Good Men Project. Have you ever noticed that married fathers get credit and praise, while divorced fathers are looked at as if there’s something wrong and creepy about them?

“The divorced father who shows up for his kids in meaningful and obvious ways, such as taking a daughter to a midday, midweek ballet class,” Larson says, “is still considered odd.”

Larson’s article is omg-level comprehensive – with stats about single dads and all sorts of related results from studies. Larson contends that mothers, who beg for the men in their lives to be involved with their children, need to stop demonizing the men they see who are in fact being great fathers. Larson also mentions that the perceptions need to change that all divorced men are “womanizers, cheaters and dead-beat dads.”

Check out the GMP article sauced below for a great article about the sort of cause-and-effect that divorced fathers deal with when continuing their roles as involved parents.

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