Study: Australian Dads Do Less Housework, Moms Still Happy

A study down under by the AMP/National Centre for Social and Economic Modelling found that Aussie dads seem to be pulling less weight around the home, but their wives are more-or-less alright with it.

The study, called “Income and Wealth: Race Against Time,” found that Aussie dads, who now work an average of 42.3 hours per week, are doing on average, two less hours hours per day in housework. Women are doing about a half hour less work per day at the office (with an average 38.6 hour work week).

Moms – or “mums” as they’re called in Oz – don’t seem to mind. The Herald Sun reports that “about 35 per cent of women were unhappy with the time their partner spends looking after the children, while 65 per cent said they were satisfied or very satisfied.”

Other stats from the article: 65% of women said they were satisfied or very satisfied with the time their partner spends with the children. 65% of women said they were satisfied with their partner’s share of the housework. And 19% of men were not happy with their wives’ share of housework.

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