Unemployed Father Has 15 Kids with 13 Women

Jamie Cumming, a 34 year old dude from England is a proud expectant father – but let’s not go high-fiving too hard just yet. It’s Cumming’s 15th child, via his 13th partner.

I’ll keep the obvious joke about his name to myself.

Lorraine Cumming, Jamie’s 55 year old mother, is angry with him. She’d like for Jamie to stop having kids, and get a job so that he can take care of the kids. Right now, Jamie, in true gentleman form, is letting his ex-girlfriends worry about applying for benefits alone. What a gent.

Would it be out of line to suggest that Cumming is sterilized?

Sauce: The West Australian (Yahoo)


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  • 8bitdad Com

    I think it should be a comfort to any Dad. They are probably never going to be a loser as sad as this guy.

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  • Jlucas5110

    What kind of woman thinks “this dude has a bunch of other illegitimate kids… I think I’ll have one of his too. Why not?” What stupid, stupid women he managed to find. Are ladies so desperate they’d jump in bed with any man, even that troll?