Archive:  April 22nd, 2011

% successfully naughty kids...

A recent series of reports released by the Federal Trade Commission reveals that retailers do an excellent job of preventing minors from purchasing M-rated video games. In fact, children hired by the FTC to purchase inappropriate games were less successful than children trying to purchase R-rated films or music bearing a Parental Advisory Label. This information may be arriving at a critical time in the court case focused on the criminalization of sales of M-rated video games to minors. Here’s a question: If stores don’t sell M-rated games to underage kids, how are so many of them getting their hands on these games and, more importantly, annoying me during multiplayer matches? The answer is simple, parents are buying M-rated titles for their children because either they don’t think that the content is inappropriate, or they believe that their child is mature enough to handle the content depicted in M-rated games. The FTC’s data indicate that most parents understand the ratings system for video games, so the next time that you’re going crazy because your nine-year-old teammate in Call of Duty multiplayer won’t stop singing Lady Gaga’s “Poker Face” into his mic, remember that his parents are to blame.

Sauce: The Federal Trade Commission