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Fatherhood writer Aaron Gouveia spanks his kids, and he’s not apologizing for it. Ever since his son was a twinkle in his eye and an itch in his testies, Gouveia had felt spanking was a valid form of punishment and deterrent. His wife didn’t then, and still doesn’t, even when her husband’s spanks show “positive” results.

Gouveia admits that it’s a complex issue and that there’s more than two sides to it. He himself hates doing it, and – something we can all agree on – says that anyone that enjoys spanking their kid is a sicko. “But sometimes, with certain kids, it’s effective,” says Gouveia. “I say certain kids because the decision to spank a child has to be taken on a case-by-case basis.”

Gouveia’s clearly thinking it through. While I personally side with his wife, who doesn’t “believe in” spanking, I like to hear thoughtful discussion on the topic. I also like that when someone wants to convey that they don’t agree with spanking as a punishment, they say they don’t “believe in” it, as if it’s a leprechaun.

Read the rest of Gouveina’s argument at the DadsGood wing of the Good Men Project, sauced below.

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Since we’re not above reading celebrity news, here’s a couple of stories in the news this morning…

Brittany Murphy’s Father Added to Death Certificate: Angelo Bertolotti, Brittany Murphy’s father (who divorced Murphy’s mother when Murphy was 2 years old) went to the Los Angeles County Registrar and had his name added to Murphy’s Death Certificate because he was having trouble being allowed to see his daughter’s grave at Forest Lawn Cemetery.

Michael Lohan “Breaks Into” Daughter Lindsay Lohan’s House: Lindsay hid in her closet while her father, Michael, banged on the front door and walked around back to peek into windows.

What’s that? You want to read some real fatherhood news and not just re-hashed celebrity garbage? No promises, it’s Monday.