Chillax Your Kids With At-Home Massage

Your kid feeling tense? Hard day in the sandbox got him down? How about introducing your child to the ol’ magic fingers? Desmond Williams, of green-parenting site Inhabitots, talks about massaging your kids, and how it may (or may not) work for your family.

An occasional massage might just get your kid to wind-down and go to sleep. Or, you might use it as a Sunday-afternoon relaxation technique. Williams discusses massaging with a family acupuncturist, and suggests a couple of ways to incorporate a loving touch while your kids are young. Also today, Tom Matlack of our often-referenced buddies Good Men Project Magazine, talked about some of the more subtle importances of physical touch with your children. It seems undeniable – the more you touch your children (in a positive way – no hitting, jerk-ass), the better they turn out.

And just think, a massage was probably how you got your baby’s momma to the point of conception anyway – so I’m sure you’ve got your technique down already. You might want, however, to modify your routine to be on *this side* of the acceptability meter when dealing with your kids. Definitely skip the sensual oils and Marvin Gaye album.

All jokes aside, physical touch is important with children – even when they grow out of the infant phase. So, light a scented candle and read Williams’ suggestions.

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