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Two Toys That Are Keeping It Real

In a culture obsessed with reality television, video games that look ultra-realistic, and internet dating where user profiles leave nothing to the imagination, it’s good to see the toy industry also keepin’ it real.


Infant Safety: Sleep Positioner Warning

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission and the FDA is warning parents about infant sleep positioners. CPSC is claiming to have “..received dozens of reports of infants who were placed on their backs or sides in sleep positioners, only to be found later in potentially hazardous positions within or next to the sleep positioners.”

Sleep positioners are bought by parents who are concerned about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Most consumers have been lead to believe that these infant sleep positioner products reduce the risk (my wife and I bought into that logic and have been using one for a couple of weeks). It turns out after extensive research over the past 13 years in addition to several cases of infant deaths due to suffocating in sleep positioners, the sale of infant ‘parking blocks’ are coming to a major hault in stores like Babies R Us, Toys R Us and Target.

Sauce: CPSC


In checking our fax machines early Wednesday morning, it was brought to our staff’s attention that a member of 8BitDad had been guilty of borrowing inspiration from local internet behemoth, Joystiq. Their smooth, clean style was somehow emulated on this website without our, the managing editors, prior knowledge.

This is a serious matter, as it was never the intention of 8BitDad to upset the community through inexplicable violation of cybercode. Rest assured, the issue has been dealt with, and the offending party was immediately and officially TERMINATED from 8BitDad staff. We here at 8BitDad would like to extend our apologies to any and all members of Joystiq that were enraged over the matter.

In all seriousness, Joystiq – consider yourselves an inspiration. We have a total of two employees, and when we conceived 8BitDad, we needed to get our site up fast. I’m working a full-time job, and site-owner Bryan had a baby on the way – but we felt we had a gift to share with the world. You know as much as anyone, there’s just not enough hours in the day.

In other news – look for a new design soon from 8BitDad! We’ve been working hard in our off-hours to get a new design rolling. We hope you’ll like it once it’s done. Everyone but you, Needles – consider us OUT for that little business proposal. Evidently, the Jitz is monitoring.


Everyone knows that 8BitDad is a hard-hitting up-to-the-minute news source for fathers, potential fathers, fans of fathers, and wives that want to know about their fathers and fathers of their children. That is why we’re reporting the Similac recall right now, as opposed to nearly a week ago, like other news sources. We were busy telling you the important news…I mean, just think of all the great stuff we’ve covered in the last week – Katy Perry had her boobs out on Sesame Street, and for the love of Christ, Halo: Reach was released.

Anyway, we don’t want to bore you with the details – that’s why we’ve linked the Wall Street Journal article above and Similac’s recall page below. Here’s a summary of the important details: blah blah blah, bug parts, bug larvae, blah blah Similac powdered something-or-other.

Seriously though, if you use Similac (and why would you, you big dummy, when the generic Kirkland brand from Costco is cheaper and almost identical), check out your lot numbers on the recall site. You don’t want your kid eating larvae and crap like that. I mean, my kid licks the bottoms of peoples’ shoes and eats month-old food that he’s left himself under the couch…and he’s okay. He actually ate part of a ladybug at the park once, when I was trying to demonstrate to him the majesty of nature. Actually, now that I’m thinking about it – you probably don’t need to check your lot numbers. Bug legs and larvae won’t kill them. In fact, as the saying goes, it will probably make them stronger.



4 Grade Studants… Ummmm Okay

This school is reportedly legit.

Dallas Observer


For Girls Only

To be fair, the My Cleaning Trolley is only applicable after your precious little girl makes a mess in the kitchen.

What the flux


What To REALLY Expect From Him

Hello ladies. So I recently read this article on the about 7 surprising dad-to-be facts and what to expect from him when you’re expecting.

Good GODS does the internet love this sh*t. I’ve read a LOT of articles like this and they seem to be plastered all around parenting sites. I don’t know if it’s the list that grabs the reader’s attention, or because it’s a trivial subject – that a man could experience the symptoms of pregnancy. This particular article from Babble has some good info, but it is too generalized in my opinion. Here’s why.


Maybe you’re a new father, and now that you’ve got a 24-7 responsibility, you’ve kind of made peace with the idea that you just can’t play video games anymore. Maybe you’re a not-recently new father whose family needs to be up early, so your nights usually die at 8:30pm. Either way, you already miss your video games. Why was it that when your wife had her baby, you had to lose yours? Ooh, burn. Just kidding. But the fact is that it has become increasingly harder for you to play your favorite game now that there’s a little one sleeping on the other side of the wall. Evidently, the sounds of war and violence don’t mix well with a sleeping family.

That’s where Turtle Beach’s Ear Force X11 becomes your knight in shining plastic.